These Twitter Reactions To Fenty Beauty's Holiday Eyeshadow Palette Prove Fans Are Thirsty For Rihanna's Makeup

Fresh off the heels of the initial Fenty Beauty launch, Rihanna announced Thursday that the Fenty Beauty holiday collection is dropping on Oct. 13, which is less than a month away. As a follow up to the first line of products, the Fenty Beauty holiday collection includes more colorful products, and fans are super excited to get their hands on the Fenty Beauty holiday eyeshadow palette.

In her Instagram post, Rihanna shared a pic of (presumably) all the products from her Fenty Beauty holiday collection, which includes lip glosses, lipsticks, a few liquid eyeliners, and the epic 14-shade eyeshadow palette, all of which are adorned in jaw-dropping holographic packaging, because Rihanna is the best at everything she does.

The highly coveted Fenty Beauty holiday eyeshadow palette consists of 14 colorful shades, including a bubblegum pink, a bright teal, a dark purple, a royal blue, a trendy maroon, a subtle olive, and a warm copper, among others. It definitely seems to be the MVP (most valuable product) among people on Twitter.

The Fenty Beauty holiday collection also includes some lip glosses, in addition to the original universal lip gloss shade from the first launch, four different colors of lipstick (pink, berry, peach, and purple), and a few shades of liquid eyeliners. These new colorful products will be a great addition to the original collection, which included everything you need for the "Fenty face," aka the perfect canvas for some beautiful eyeshadow, which includes a primer, foundation (in 40 shades, no less), and two different types of highlighters.

It honestly makes a lot of sense that Rihanna would quickly make a foray into colorful cosmetics, because she is known for her standout style and bold color choices (remember her bright red hair?). The colorful products and one-of-a-kind packaging is very on brand for the singer/entrepreneur.

Rihanna also shared a video showcasing the products, which got people really pumped up for the drop.

Fans definitely aren't afraid to express how excited they are for the Fenty Beauty holiday eyeshadow palette, and are taking to Twitter to share their thoughts alongside some highly appropriate gifs and memes.

Who isn't a sucker for a good eyeshadow palette?

The colors are much more exciting than your usual eyeshadow palette filled with a few browns and grays.

If anyone can convert people into avid eyeshadow users, it's Rihanna. She is truly a makeup inspiration.

Same, girl, same, but the Fenty Beauty holiday eyeshadow is probably worth it. Maybe they'll come with tutorials, you know, for those who need it.

Every single human who appreciates makeup will probably have the Fenty Beauty holiday eyeshadow palette on their wish list for the holidays, because it really is a great gift.

This Fenty Beauty shadow is bringing people back to makeup like no product has ever done before.

At the rate Rihanna is dropping products, I think we can all plan on being broke for the foreseeable future.

Do you think they'll ever consider doing payment plans for Fenty Beauty? If Rihanna keeps creating epic new products, they're going to have to figure something out. Maybe a VIP discount for people who are super fans?

If only magic was a legitimate way to get your hands on the Fenty Beauty holiday eyeshadow palette.

Fans are already making comparisons to Kylie Cosmetics. Many are wondering how they'll stack up against each other. Kylie has a lock on lip products, but I'd be willing to bet Rihanna can get a leg up on eyeshadows and eyeliners.

Luckily, fans only have to wait until Oct. 13 to get their hands on this beautiful Fenty Beauty holiday eyeshadow palette.