You Can Now Shop Jaclyn Hill's Palette In An Actual Store & Fans Are Freaking Out

by Kali Borovic

By now you've probably heard the exciting news — Morphe Brushes is coming to Ulta and the Jaclyn Hill Palette is coming along with them. The indie brand is making its way out of California and into beauty stores all across the country. You don't have much longer to wait until you can swatch your little heart out in stores. But be warned, you might not recognize the Jaclyn Hill Palette when you see it on the shelf.

Let me catch you up to speed. The news of Morphe coming to Ulta shocked the makeup world. Immediately people wanted to know which products would be available and when. Although the brand stayed quite for a while, it's now confirmed that Morphe is coming to on Oct. 22 and 300 select stores on Oct. 29.

According to Hill's tweets, the Jaclyn Hill Palette is coming with it, and it's getting a few upgrades for the relaunch. The YouTuber announced on social media that there will be two changes to the palette's packaging. The popular array of colors will soon be available in glossy white packaging and also have the shade names on the back.

Why the big change, you ask? Well, the packaging was the biggest complaint when it came to the launch. It's nice to see that Morphe and Hill are listening to feedback. Not to mention that it makes the original package ~*vintage*~ and gives yet another reason to stock up on the new edition.

While the original, matte white packaging is sleek AF and absolutely gorgeous, it's hard to keep it clean. With so many colorful hues inside, it's hard not to get them all over the place when using it from my personal experience. It's also darn near impossible to wash the palette off and make it look brand new.

The shades being printed on the back is also a much-needed upgrade. Because the shades were only printed on the removable insert of the palette, it has been hard for users of the palette to follow tutorials or tell their friends which shades are their favorites.

According to Hill's Twitter response to a fan, the upgrades also have to do with shipping. Someone tweeted that the palette came already dirty, despite the person paying higher shipping to make sure it arrived safely. Hill responded saying that's exactly why it's getting and update. She also mentioned that it's to match Morphe's new branding.

According to the Ulta website, which already has a "coming soon" page for Morphe, the Jaclyn Hill Palette isn't the only one that's hitting the virtual shelves. The page shows the 35O Matte and Shimmer Palettes, the 35R and the Copper Spice and Bronzed Mocha sets. The page also includes the brand new 35O 2 Second Nature palette as well.

On top of all of that, there will also be tons of makeup brushes, the brand's makeup sponge, and even brush sets available online. The prices are all the exact same, too. So not only are the products more readily available, but you can save just as much money without having to pay for shipping. It doesn't get much better than that.

While the Jaclyn Hill Palette is currently available on Beauty Bay and the Morphe website, fans are still super excited for it to be sold at Ulta. The main criticism online comes from those who are upset that the brand didn't announce the changes sooner. While buyers love the idea of the brand new packaging, they are upset that it wasn't the original design.

Hill is even responding to some of the critics on her Twitter.

Ride Or Die: Fan Edition.

*Kanye shrug.*

Procrastination is finally paying off!

The more the merrier, after all.

With all the subtle updates going on, the Jaclyn Hill Palette might just be around forever. Praise.