Kylie Cosmetics Is Coming To Ulta For The Holidays & Fans Are FREAKING Out

For the first three years of its existence, Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics has been an online brand whose main sales platforms is its website. There were a few regional pop up shops. While those are cool and all, they're not national. However, Kylie Cosmetics is coming to Ulta locations nationwide this holiday season. OMFG!

Kyliephiles and matte Lip Kit lovers all over the country can rejoice heartily. There are many reasons that makeupistas are fawning over this spot of good news.

First off, customers won't have to worry about battling fellow digital shoppers or stressing over quick sellouts of limited edition, newly launching, or hard-to-procure products. Nor will they be waiting around patiently for restocks. Shoppers won't have to deal with somewhat high shipping costs, either.

But even better — you will now be able to "try before you buy." This was never an option before. Unless, of course, you played around with Instagram's Kylie Lip Kit filter, which lets users test drive several shades.

Jenner tweeted the Ulta news to her millions of fans and followers — and of course the response was swift and passionate.

Bustle reached out to both Kylie Cosmetics and Ulta reps but both declined to comment any further at this time, other than to confirm the cosmetics will be in stores.

Virtual makeup, like the aforementioned Instagram filter, is fun to experiment with. But nothing beats being able to test the shades IRL before you take that next step and make a purchase. It's beyond helpful to be able to swipe a liquid lippie shade across your pucker and to see how it works with your unique skin tone and either your warm or cool undertones! It might look good as a swatch and in carefully curated professional lighting in campaign images. But you need to see it on you!

You will no longer struggle with the "should I or shouldn't I?" dilemma when it comes to choosing a shade.

Also, you won't be stuck with a lipstick color that you buy, wear once, decide it doesn't work with your visage, and thus exile it to a junk drawer or allow it sink to the bottom of your makeup bag — never to be seen or heard from again. Until you do a spring cleaning, pull out the wand, take a whiff, and recoil from that sour, expired makeup odor.

Do not downplay just how incredible this news is. With its new status as an Ulta brand, you will immediately get your well manicured hands on Kylie Cosmetics products. And you can play with the in-store displays and testers to your heart's content.

It's not clear if this is a short term, holiday-only promotion or if Kylie Cosmetics will become a permanent fixture at Ulta stores and on its site beyond the season.

It seems like a no brainer for the brand's hero product matte Lip Kits to be sold via Ulta. But one can only hope that this partnership will include the brand's entire repertoire of products — such as eyeshadow palettes, bullet lippies, glosses, and Kylighters.

Think about how much fun holiday shopping is going to be!

These users make two very salient and realistic points.

This tweet says it all. Physical availability takes the guesswork out of color-matching products like concealer. Being able to try them on your actual skin before committing with your dollars is a huge deal.

Fans are super stoked about having the "try on" option far and wide.

Two beauty powerhouses are certainly aligning with this partnership.

Will this be the move that finally puts Jenner and Kylie Cosmetics at the beauty biz unicorn threshold and makes it a billion dollar company?

Stay tuned for more intel regarding when Kylie Cosmetics products will hit Ulta.