When Can You Buy Lauren Conrad's Kohl's Denim Collection? It Includes A Must-Own Millennial Pink Pair

Courtesy of Kohl's

It's not different — it's better. Former reality star Lauren Conrad has upgraded her LC Lauren Conrad Denim Collection for Kohl's. Yes, you're going to want every pair, namely the must-own millennial pink style.

"You want to do something that's not specific to one shape and that's going to appeal to lots of women," Conrad tells Bustle during our face-to-face chat in the Kohl's NYC showroom about the biggest denim design dilemma.

Continued inclusivity, which is becoming a standard and is hardly a trend in fashion, is on her mind with this update to the denim range. That and solving fit issues like too long leg lengths, which lead to bunched skinnies, and saggy butts and knees.

Conrad's collection combats these issues with a wide size selection of petite and plus sizes — and by updating both fabrics and fits, which are the direct result of customer feedback. You asked and LC and her team listened. The denim now includes Lycra. The slimmest fits, such as the super skinny and jegging, are now available in four-way stretch. Additionally, the leg shapes have been modernized.

What does all of this actually mean?

Basically, these jeans feel as good as they look. That's because the brand and its namesake focused on comfort.

"We took a lot of time to work on the consistency in the jeans," Conrad says. "The block on top is the same throughout all styles and washes." That's mission: critical because it allows the fit and the feel to remain the same across pairs.

As Conrad notes, "So often, I’ll find a pair of jeans that I love and go to buy them in a different wash, and it fits totally different since it's a different fabric. That was important to me, since I am loyal when I find a denim brand and will buy everything." She made it so easy for your to stock up!

LC and her design team also focused on finding fabrics with the right amount of stretch but that would maintain shape throughout the day. "Denim really is all about fit and the best thing you can do when you are designing is listening to customer feedback," Conrad said. "We want to give our customer what she wants and if she’s telling us, she is making it pretty easy."

The full LC Lauren Conrad jeans assortment boasts new styles, fits, and washes. The range is available at Kohl's locations and the retailer's site. Everything is under $75, making it affordable and fashionable.

"Denim is the most versatile piece of clothing in you closest," Conrad tells us. "You can wear jeans almost anywhere, with the exception of, like, a formal wedding and to some offices. But a lot of offices now are allowing denim." If your employer has a "casual Friday" dress code, the LC Lauren Conrad Denim Collection will be your go-to!

Conrad's favorite jean style of all time is the skinny jean and it's one that she continues to rock. "I have worn skinnies for long that it's probably my favorite [fit]," she says. "The length can vary, or the rise, but the basic fit is the same."

She also loves jeggings, noting that her collection's version is super soft and feels like a legging.

For the record, LC is firmly Team Leggings-Are-Pants, saying, "I think that the public decides what is acceptable and we as a group have decided that leggings are pants. You can't say that they are not. I dare you to go anywhere and not find someone in a legging."

In addition to the ever-popular skinnies, the Barely Boot and Straight Ankle shapes are available. The fall collection is focusing on washed black and gray hues, too. The washes run from dark to light, with clean, destructed, and raw hems.

There's even a millennial pink pair, which the brand refers to as "blush."

Seriously, though! How Instagrammable is this pair?!

The sizes include petite and plus — the size range is 0-16 in petite and petite short, and 16W-24W in plus.

When asked if she has a favorite fit in this series, Conrad exclaims "Yes!" without hesitation. "This is the very skinny, so it's super sketchy and I like a light destruction with my jeans," she said, pointing to the distressed pair she is currently wearing. "It feels a little cooler and held together."

Speaking of distressing, the fashionista likes "destruction so they don't feel too clean" when it comes to her jeans.

Conrad was one of the most visible stars of the once-burgeoning reality TV scene that dominated the aughts with The Hills and Laguna Beach — so of course she has fondness for the jeans styles of the '00s.

"Denim was so low rise back then," she recalls with a giggle. "I will say that I loved the flare back then. That was so fun to wear. I would wear them with the Rocket Dog sneakers. How many ankles were rolled on those shoes?"

As for future jean trends? Conrad thinks destroyed denim is on the rise. "The really torn up denim has been coming back," she muses. "I am not brave enough to wear it, though!"

Whatever your personal style, Conrad and her LC Lauren Conrad Denim Collection has something to suit your denim mood.

The brand is also launching LC Lauren Conrad Weekend. It boasts layering pieces and cozy knits, like sweaters, soft pants, joggers, knit tops, pullovers, and more.

Go ahead and start building your Fall 2018 wardrobe with LC's latest pieces.