Sol de Janeiro's Iconic Bum Bum Cream Now Comes In A Truly HUMONGOUS Tub

Sol de Janeiro/Instagram

Game of Thrones may be over, but winter is still coming. Thankfully, Sol de Janeiro wants you to be prepared. The iconic body care brand is making sure your skin is nourished during every single day of cold weather. The new Sol de Janeiro Biggie Biggie Bum Bum Cream has enough of the famous body butter to last you all winter long and maybe then some.

If you're a fan of the gorgeous, tropical smelling body butter, you likely already know that the brand carries multiple sizes of its hero product. Currently, fans of the brand can shop a 25ml tub for just $10, 75ml for $20, and an extra large 240ml for $45. Now, though, just in time for winter and the holiday season, the brand is launching a whopping 16.9oz tub of its famous body cream called Biggie Biggie Bum Bum. For reference, that's a little over double of its existing largest size, and you won't believe how big it is until you see it.

If you were thinking the price would be a little too much due to its size, think again. The cream is a $102 value that's being sold for only $76. Plus, despite the new Biggie Biggie Bum Bum Cream being double the size of the $45 tub, the price itself didn't double. You'd think the cost would be around $90, but nope, Sol de Janeiro is saving you some serious cash no matter how you look at it.

According to the brand, the new Sol de Janeiro Biggie Biggie Bum Bum Cream is a special holiday launch, so you'll want to snag it while you can. Yes, you can get it right now. The largest possible size is up for grabs on the Sol de Janeiro website. If you want to see just how humungous the cream is in person, it'll hit Sephora stores on Oct. 4 (and online before that on Sept. 24).

While Sol de Janeiro has a plethora of other body care products, the Bum Bum cream remains one of its most well-known goods, so it's not surprise that it was chosen to be super-sized. The body cream has over 160,000 loves and 3,000 five-star reviews on the Sephora website. Plus, it's a favorite among beauty gurus as well. YouTubers like Tati Westbrook and Jackie Aina have long been fans of the well-known moisturizer.

Of course, the popularity of the product makes it perfect for an expanded size, but the timing of the launch couldn't be more perfect either. With fall and winter approaching, many are already dreading the return of dry skin. According to an Everyday Health article by dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu, the drop in humidity levels during the winter months help to contribute to a lessening of skin's moisture levels, and when cold, dry air hits your skin it can zap the moisture right out of it. Plus, other winter weather factors like taking hot showers, being inside with indoor heating's drier air, and wearing scratchy but warm clothing like wool can also all add to your dry skin.

Thankfully, Sol de Janeiro's massive Biggie Biggie Bum Bum Cream has come along to take care of all of those winter skin woes. With this much product on your hands, you'll be moisturized and smelling amazing all winter long.