A 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Eyeshadow Exists & It’s Jam Packed With Drama

It’s not until you’ve actually wiped your hands clean of high school (and its drama) that you wish you could go back and change the past. Well, here’s to bringing the past into the present with Sola Look’s Beverly Hills, 90210 Eyeshadow palette that’s launching soon. Now, this oughta bring back all those fond memories behind the bleachers.

In case you’re wondering, the eyeshadow palette is inspired by the OG 90210, not—I repeat—not the ‘00s reboot. If the brand name sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because Sola Look has brought makeup lovers a plethora of other nostalgic pop culture-inspired palettes including Grease, Saved by The Bell, and Dirty Dancing. In 2019, however, Sola Look fans are being brought back to California in the 80s with shades reminiscent of the show and its iconic power couples.

Back in November of last year, the brand made mention that another palette was in the works for the new year, but now that it’s been revealed the palette will launch on Jan. 17, beauty gurus are getting antsy while waiting for its official release.

The palette features an array of eyeshadows, highlighters, a blush, and bronzers so you can finally achieve that glowing Beverly Hills sun-kissed look.

Beverly Hills, 90210 Palette

This palette is divided up by all the couples in the series as well as 90210 memorabilia like The Peach Pit in highlighter form.

According to the brand's site, the entire palette includes an assortment of 10 shades of shadow and highlighters that are "Cindy and Jim Walsh-approved". Not to mention, they're all still super pigmented on even the deepest of skin tones.

Sola Look recently posted swatches of the palette to its Instagram on two different complexions to show its versility while fans were simultaneously going gaga over the names, colors and how it brought back memories of the show.

"Absolutely in love with this palette already!! 😍 This was mine and my moms favorite show to watch together when I was little," one fan commented.

"Can you give us a time please so I can set my alarm," another commenter wrote.

Each of the specified eyeshadows represent the six couples 90210 fans couldn't peel their eyes away from back in the day.

"Brenda & Dylan" is a matte black shade, "Kelly & Dylan" is a burnt orange shade, "Donna & David" is a shimmery purple, "Emily & Brandon" is a reddish bronze shimmer, "Steve & Steve" is a dark matte teal, and "Andrea & Brandon" is a blush pink shimmer.

One commenter even inquired about why the brand was determined to make Brenda & Dylan a deep black shade.

"We chose a black matte for Brenda & Dylan mostly because of the many moments they shared in Dylan’s black Porsche. Especially the infamous 'Things are going way too fast for me. We need to break up,' scene," the brand wrote. Clearly there are some hardcore 90210 fans backing this palette.

This collector's edition of the Beverly Hills, 90210 palette will be sold only online and officially drops Thursday, Jan. 17. for $40. If you apply it right, you'll be just bad enough to end up in detention next to Steve's dreamy eyes.