Sola Look's Upcoming Dirty Dancing Palette Is Gorg

If you grew up watching Dirty Dancing and mumbling "Nobody puts baby in a corner," every time you got slighted on the playground, rejoice. Now that you're old enough, you can pull off the iconic Jennifer Grey aesthetic and the Sola Look Dirty Dancing beauty palette is going to help.

According to the Boston-based indie brand's Instagram photo, Sola Look will release the palette in February 2017, and they're opening the floor for color suggestions. As of right now they're not entirely sure which eye shadow shades they'll include, but they're tinkering with both bold and subdued options alike. "Among those being considered are peach and brown-based neutrals, plus a few bolder hues, like purple and aquamarine," Refinery29 reported.

While cult classic '80s colors are being pitched by fans on the brand's Instagram account, one thing that Sola Look confirmed was that there will indeed be a color named "Baby," and no, it won't be in the corner. Instead, they're going to pop it right smack in the middle of the palette.

"It will be more so in the middle. We're trying to get her out of that corner that she's been stuck in for the last 30 years," they announced in the comments of their Instagram reveal.

While the brand is playing with iconic outlandish shades like purple and yellow, beauty lovers can trust they'll put a palette together that will do Grey right. According to PopSugar, this isn't their first foray into '80s cult classics.

"Sola Look recently released a Flashdance palette ($32) filled with four matte shadows: Alex, Jeanie, Maniac (obviously!), and Passion." "Alex" is a deep peach, "Jeanie" is rust, "Maniac" is a dark purple, while Passion is a chocolate brown. And with the wild success of that product, you can be sure that the brand will bring out the shades that best define Baby and her iconic summer trip.

Whether you enjoy an aquamarine eye shadow or prefer to rock Grey's subdued makeup look, this palette will have a little something for everyone. And while there might not be enough Patrick Swayzes to go around, we can all swipe on some electric eye shadow, shrug into our denim jackets, and go participate in some working class debauchery and dance our hearts out.

There's not that much time between now and 2017 — prepare yourself to channel all your innermost '80s fantasies, and soon.

Images: @solalook/ Instagram; Great American Films Limited Partnership (1)