Urban Decay's New Astrology Palette Will Give You Out-Of-This-World Eyeshadow Game

The beauty world is having a galactic, astronomy-themed moment, where makeup brands are turning out palettes and collections in cosmic colors and astrology themes. And the newest brand to jump on the bandwagon is Urban Decay with its new Elements Eyeshadow Palette. They join a long list of celestial ranges, from ColourPop's Zodiac makeup collection with its palette, liquid shadows, highlighters, and lipsticks; Aether Beauty's Rose Quartz Gemstone Palette, which not only mimicked gemstone shades but was the world's first zero waste eyeshadow palette; and BH Cosmetics' Zodiac Palette, which assigned two unique shadows to every sign. As more and more beauty lovers get into crystals, mystic powers, and the universe, brands tap into that interest and turn out their own other-worldly reiterations.

The Elements Eyeshadow Palette is no exception, where the prism-like case houses 19 never before seen hues that span from "bright mattes to holographic shimmers." Coming in a circular palette, the cover looks like light refracting from inside a gemstone, turning the top into a swirl of rainbows. The inside of the palette is gold and glittery, and the shadows "orbit" around one ultra-iridescent transformer shade called "Luna."

Specifically, the collection has eight metallics, three mattes, and eight shimmers, and they will be available to purchase on Sept. 10 at both and Urban Decay stores. The set will be sold on QVC earlier on Sept. 8 if you want to grab it first.

The hues vary across a wide spectrum, where they house burnt metallics, rainbow pops of colors, smokey shades, and shimmering metals, allowing you to create an expansive range of different makeup looks.

The color names are just as fun as the palette itself, where they span across gems, earth elements, mystical beings, and cosmic components.

For example, "Volcanic" is a metallic orange red; "Earth Bound" is a shimmery dark green with chrome-like accents; and "Elemental" is a Sienna matte. "Secret Keeper" makes you think of wood nymphs with its bright green satin with gold shift, whereas "Heavy Water" is a dark aquamarine color that could be found in the deeper parts of the ocean.

"Electric Air" is a pinkish silver with iridescent micro-glitter; "Sapphire Dream" is a midnight blue color that has been rising in popularity this last season; and "Antidote" is a soft warm nude.

The multidimensional pigments don't stop there, where "Lioness" is a smoky burgundy satin with bronze sparkle; "Fire Starter" is an interesting deep red with gold micro-shimmer, and "Ego" is a soft pinkish-purple with blue micro-shimmer. Further fleshing out the pink and red color wheel, "Dreamweaver: is a bright pink matte.

Getting slightly witchy, "Hex Remedy" is a shimmery royal purple hue, whereas "Moon Rock" is a beautiful metallic copper accented with gold. "Silver Burn" looks like molten silver that is oxidizing, coming in a smoky purple with pink iridescent sparkle; and "Fortune Teller" is an interesting metallic pink-red with green sparkle. "Fools Gold" is a greenish-gold shimmer, "Tectonic" is a chocolate brown with iridescent micro-sparkle, and all of these hues can be altered and modified with the white transformer shade dubbed "Luna."

It's definitely a palette worth getting excited about, and it will be available in just two short weeks. There's no news on how much it will cost yet, so keep an eye on Urban Decay's accounts to hear the announcement.