When Can You Shop The ColourPop Crushed Crystal Collection? It'll Be Out Soon

Courtesy of ColourPop

In case you missed it, ColourPop pretty much upended the cosmetics world yesterday when it announced its ColourPop Crushed Crystal Collection, a first for the cosmetics brand. Calling on the powers of rose quartz, amethyst, aquamarie and aventurine, the collection is not only designed to prime, set and finish your makeup with ease, but also gives you all the benefits that crystals offer. So now the answer to the question we're all wondering — when can you shop ColourPop's latest collection? Well the news here is good: The collection will be available this week on Wednesday, June 28, exclusively on the ColourPop website.

If you're not familiar with the fad of crystal-infused beauty products, this could be your chance to try them out. As with all of ColourPop's products, they're incredibly affordable, so this is a great time to try out the healing powers of crystals. The collection includes four new products: the Crystal Priming Spray, Crystal Setting Spray, Crystal Lip Balm and Crystal Liquid Highlight. Yep, you read that right. Not only is ColourPop releasing its first liquid highlighter, it's also adding setting and priming sprays to its collection. This is ColourPop's first foray into skincare, and I am here for it.

So, just what benefits are you going to reap from this collection?

If you're looking for love (or just want to improve your self love skills), the rose quartz Crystal Priming Spray is right up your alley.

Looking for some luck and prosperity? The aventurine Crystal Setting Spray could be your solution.

Need some calm in your life? Turn to the aquamarine Crystal Setting Spray.

Looking for inner wisdom and strength? Turn to the amethyst Crystal Priming Spray.

The collection also includes crystal-infused lip balm and highlighter, so you can looking glowy while you're utilizing the affects of all the crystals. And the best part? These new products will be on sale before you know it — set those alarms now.