The Important Question Rose Leslie & Kit Harington Need To Finally Answer For Fans

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Once again, there are reports that this Game of Thrones couple is engaged, but the one question everyone should be asking is: When did Kit Harington and Rose Leslie start dating? OK, it might not be as exciting as having an official answer about whether or not they really are engaged, as both People and The Sun reported Tuesday (Bustle has reached out to reps for the couple for comment, but has yet to receive a response), but it actually is an important question.

Did you know that when they actually first started seeing each other has never been confirmed? It's always just been assumed that they started dating in 2012, which is around the same time they met on the GoT set. In August 2012, TMZ obtained a photo of Harington and Leslie holding hands and dining together in London. According to sources at the time, they were also reportedly seen kissing.

It seems that their romance didn't last that long, because, as reported by E! News, they split after a year. In March 2013, Harington even called Leslie a friend in an interview with WinterisComing.net. "We really get on as friends and we hit it off very quickly when we first met and I think that reflects on screen, because we've got a good dialogue going on off screen," he said at the time.

To make matters even more confusing, while chatting with The Evening Standard in May 2014, Harington referred to himself and Leslie as nothing but friends. "All rumor and myth," he declared. "Me and Rose are very, very close and very good friends. And continue to be, actually. She’s wonderful. But no, no love affair." But then, in July 2014, they were seen together at LAX, which of course sparked romance rumors once again. Us Weekly reported in August 2014 that they were back together. "They've been back on for about three months," a source told the outlet. "That said, it's casual right now and they're having fun. They're not moving in together or anything like that yet."


If that isn't enough, Harington said he was single in a January 2015 interview with GQ. "I'll never talk about any particular relationship I've been in," he said before adding, "But I will say I'm single at the moment." However, in January 2016, Harington and The Good Fight star were then spotted holding hands, which seemed to suggest they had reconciled. This certainly appeared to be the case, because in April 2016, they took their romance public by walking their first red carpet at the Olivier Awards.

It seems from that moment on, they've been inseparable and haven't been afraid to discuss their relationship publicly or appear at events together. That said, they still choose to remain pretty private about their personal lives, but it's nice to know how they feel about one another. As Harington told Esquire in May, "It's as much her relationship as it is mine and I can't speak for both of us. But yeah, we are very, very happy. So that's what I'll say about that."

During a June appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Nicole Kidman asked Harington if he and Leslie were going to get married. To that, he replied, "I've been put on the spot by Nicole Kidman" and then explained that they are taking things "step by step." Although, the Emmy-nominated actor revealed he and Leslie are living together. "I've moved in with my other best friend, Rose, so, I'm very, very happy. And it's going well, she's got all sorts of ideas for the house."

In June 2016, Leslie briefly touched upon dating Harington with The Telegraph. All the former Downton Abbey star said was that she is "very happy" and called Harington "a great man."

In 2017, engagement reports began to surface. In July, Life & Style reported that Harington had proposed to Leslie, but the actor's rep quickly shot down the rumor by telling U.K.'s Metro, "They are not engaged." As of September 26, there are reports from both People and The Sun saying the couple is currently engaged, but, again, neither of them have confirmed or denied anything.

It sure seems like they've had quite the on-again-off-again romance. It would certainly be a relief to fans if they really are taking the next step in their relationship, because after five years of rumors and never knowing if Harington and Leslie are together or not, their shippers have dealt with a lot.