When Do Girl Scout Cookies Come Out In 2017? Cookie Season Depends On Your Local Council

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If you've never experienced coming across a Girl Scout cookie sale, then you have missed out on some top-notch joy. But sometimes, you don't want to wait around for fate to surprise you with a booth. So, when do Girl Scout cookies come out in 2017? Because let's face it: You want those Samoas, and you want them now — or at least on a previously agreed upon date. (Or maybe I'm talking about myself. Either/or.)

I know you guys are ready to mark your calendars, but I have some bad news: There's no concrete date. You can only snag treats from Girl Scouts participating in their local council's cookie season, so the date varies depending on where you are. Each council hosts only one sale a year, and most of them run for six to eight weeks between January and April. There's a reason why people get so intent on snagging some boxes when they finally appear each year — they're essentially a delicacy.

The good news is that the Girl Scouts know how many fans they have out there, so they've provided several options for tracking down a cookie booth. On the official Girl Scouts website, they've created a cookie finder feature. All you do is enter your zip code, and you'll be provided with your local council's contact information, and whether or not it's cookie season in your neck of the woods.

Girl Scouts of the USA

In addition, there's the Girl Scout cookie finder app, free for iOS and Android. The app will let you know the when and where of any cookie booths in your neighborhood.

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Finally, you can just call your local council and inquire about purchasing a few (or, like, 10) boxes of cookies. Search for your council by zip code, state or name on the Girl Scouts website here.

I know it may not seem particularly fair that Girl Scout cookies enjoy so fleeting a season, but keep in mind why these sales exist: To teach Girl Scouts about entrepreneurship, about goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethic. And perhaps unsurprisingly, these girls have a lot more activities to engage with, goals to set, and skills to gain. I think they know what they're doing — after all, these sales have only been going on for, like, 100 years.