The Most Popular Lip Mask On Sephora Now Come In Three New Flavors

Remember those fruit and cola scented Lip Smackers everyone had clipped to their backpacks in middle school? Well, first, you can still get them, but second, Laneige's flavored Lip Sleeping Masks are basically the high-end answer to your longing for the days of Lip Smackers. Bonus: the flavors are coming in a product that is a best-seller at Sephora. How can you beat that?

According to the Laneige Instagram account, the brand is debuting three brand new flavors in their cult classic Lip Sleeping Mask. It's about to be a lot harder not to lick your lips while wearing said mask. Plus, they've got a flavor for everyone. The first debut happened on Tuesday after several days of teasing the new flavors. First up? The perfect mask for citrus lovers: Grapefruit. Next, the brand mixed citrus with apples in their Apple Lime flavor. Finally, the brand announced that their final flavor is vanilla. See? Something for every one.

When can you snag these new Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask flavors? That may just be the best part. They launch tomorrow, Aug. 9 exclusively at Sephora, but it seems you'll need to shop online as they appear to be internet shelf exclusive as well.

If you want the new Laneige flavors, though, you're going to need to act fast. These fruity and vanilla flavors are limited edition, and according to the brand's Instagram post, it doesn't seem like a restock is something to hope for. The end of the caption reads, "Make sure you get them before they run out!" If you want these luxury versions of Lip Smackers, make sure to set a reminder in your phone to do a bit of online shopping at Sephora.

Why are new mask flavors such a BFD? Well, because the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is basically the lip sleeping mask to end all lip sleeping masks. Just head to Sephora to find out. Not only does the lip pampering product have over 3,000 reviews while still maintaining over 4.5 stars, but it also have a whopping 120,000 likes on the site as well. Then there's the fact that it's just casually the best selling lip mask at Sephora.

Clearly, people love this mask, and now they can add brand new flavors to their collection. Will they cost more, though? Laneige hasn't mentioned anything on their social media about the pricing, but it seems unlikely that any sort of price point change would occur. With such a limited release and its limited edition status, you can probably expect to pay the same $20 you'd pay for the OG mask.

If you want to get the most supple, moisturized lips on the block, the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is it, and now you can embrace your love of fruit, or if you're not a fan of seeded foods, you addiction to sweet things like vanilla. Just remember to shop fast because these fragrant lip treatments may just be gone before you can say liquid lipstick.