Peach & Lily's New Launches Sold Out In ONE DAY But Here's When They'll Be Back

Peach & Lily/Instagram

For skin care lovers, brand loyalty is a big deal. Once you find something that works for your skin, why risk switching? Based on the launch of Peach & Lily's new masks, the brand is one to which skin enthusiast are most loyal. Seriously, the new Peach & Lily masks old out in a single day after their initial launch. Don't worry, if you want to get in on this fan favorite brand. There is a restock.

If you haven't heard of Peach & Lily, the brand was founded in 2012 by Alicia Yoon. The skin care creator launched Peach & Lily back in 2012 as a K-beauty curation site and ultimately created the namesake brand. Her skin care expertise had led to an affordable sister brand, Peach Slices, that you've likely seen in CVS, and Yoon even curates the drugstore's entire K-Beauty section. To say the Yoon and Peach & Lily has been a hit would be an understatement. Just look at its latest launches.

Peach & Lily's new products are proof that the brand is a must-have in the skin care world. On Aug. 6, Peach & Lily's Overnight Star Sleeping Mask, Pore Proof Perfecting Clay Mask, and Cold Brew Eye Recovery Stick hit the internet. 24 hours later, the new items were already completely sold out. If you want to snag the new Peach & Lily masks and eye stick, don't fret too much. There's a restock coming.

According to the brand, the Peach & Lily website will be restocked during the week of Aug. 15. Fans really don't have long to wait. However, if you're itching to snatch up the new masks and eye treatment, all three of the new products will be dropping at Ulta online and in stores on Aug. 11, just a bit earlier than the brand's restock.

If you've been shopping Peach & Lily for a while or have kept the brand in your sites, you'll know that the new products are unlike anything Yoon and her team have created in the past. With the new launches, the brand is continuing to diversify its offerings for skin care lovers.

The new Overnight Star Sleeping Mask is the brand's first overnight treatment, and thanks to antioxidant packed ingredients like acai berry and black ginseng extract, it helps to firm and hydrate skin while you sleep. Then there's the Pore Perfecting Mask. Prior to its launch, the brand didn't feature any sort of clay-based product. Now, though, the Pore Perfecting Mask has arrived to help clear out impurities in your skin while still maintaining the skin's moisture levels. Finally, there's the brand's first eye treatment. The cooling stick formula of the Cold Brew Eye Recovery Stick uses vitamin C and caffeine to wake up your under eye for those mornings when you're just feeling puffy.

If Peach & Lily's new masks and eye treatment sound like your new must-have skin care items, mark your calendars for Aug. 11 to shop at Ulta and be on the lookout during the week of Aug. 15 at the brand's website. These products sold out the first time around, and it may just happen again.