'AHS' Fans Think They've Already Figured Out The Season 10 Theme

Theories about AHS Season 10 have already begun.

Between the countless deaths, weird ghost limbo, and last minute arrival of Finn Wittrock, it's nearly impossible to predict how American Horror Story: 1984 will end. Thankfully, figuring out when AHS Season 10 premieres is a lot less complicated. That's because the series has followed a pretty consistent pattern over the last nine years that makes predicting its return almost as easy as finding a ghost at Camp Redwood.

Since its debut in 2011, AHS has begun airing a new season every year in either September or October, which means Season 10 will likely arrive sometime in fall 2020. And considering that the show was renewed for a tenth season all the way back in August 2018, it's safe to say that creator Ryan Murphy has had plenty of time to dream up whatever nightmarish scenario he plans to unleash next. In fact, he teased to TV Guide in October that Episode 8 of 1984 would include a major clue about Season 10 and what its overall theme would be.

So even though an official premiere date for AHS Season 10 has yet to be announced, that hasn't stopped fans from starting to theorize what the upcoming season may entail.

Reddit user ohstephen, for example, suggested Season 10 could involve urban legends, given what the National Enquirer reporter, Stacy, discussed with Donna and Brooke in the Nov. 6 episode. "Back in the '70s, all anyone cared about was Bigfoot and aliens, the Loch Ness Monster," she said in one scene, going on to explain that the '80s became all about serial killers.

If urban legends are the central theme for next year, that would also allow the season to tie back into Asylum, which involved an alien subplot that was never quite resolved. Perhaps AHS Season 10 will help to clarify what the aliens were doing at Briarcliff and why they had such an interest in Kit Walker.

Others, meanwhile, think the theme will focus on suburbia, based on the fact that there were several mentions of Mary Kay throughout Episode 8. Dylan McDermott's character Bruce also remarked that Mary Kay was taking over the world, which some viewers, like Reddit user chinchillarocket, took to mean that Season 10 will be about alien body snatchers.

Maybe fans have figured it out, maybe they haven't. But whatever the theme ends up being, knowing Murphy, it probably won't be something you see coming.