Here's When April 2017's Mercury Retrograde Ends

NASA/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I hate to break it to you folks, but the dreaded Mercury in retrograde situation is about to roll back in to place — literally. Before it even starts, you're going to want to know when April 2017's Mercury retrograde ends. That's because this retrograde is said to cause lots of indecision and confusion, which is no fun when you're trying to figure out your summer. Staring on Apr. 9, and ending on May 4, Mercury will be in retrograde for the second time this year.

According to astrologers and the Farmer's Almanac, you might want to hold off on signing any contracts or making any binding plans or decisions. Not only will it be hard for you to decide what you want during this time, but things will likely go awry. In order to avoid and post retrograde damage, you'll have to adopt a flexible sensibility. If you're traveling, make sure you're dates are flexible in case of delays or cancellations. If you're considering taking a new job, make sure you take some extra time to marinate. If you're feeling frustrated by any relationships in your life, hold off on making any rash decisions. If you still strong with your convictions after May 4, then you might want to consider taking action.

So what to do while your life gets a little messy because of the planetary pull? Sit back, relax, take some time to reflect on your life, the decisions you've made in the past and the course of the decisions that you're considering in the present. Think about ways to learn from your mistakes, to take lessons from your mishaps and to be forgiving. There's really not much else you can do, and time spent reflecting is never time wasted.

People like to project a lot of negativity on these retrograde cycles and blame the solar system for the struggles in their life, but focusing on the bad is a sure fire way to tarnish the present. Mercury going into retrograde isn't synonymous with bad experiences, it's just a reminder that we can't control everything in life, and should always leave room for it to pan out different from what we imagined for ourselves.

That said, just knowing that Mercury is in retrograde can help you combat any of its possible effects. Having that foresight to consider that things in your personal or professional life might be strained or muddled will help you plan ahead, think more creatively and practice your problem solving skills. Once Mercury goes out of retrograde, you have all summer to make big plans and get back in touch with your decisive mind — the next retrograde isn't until Aug. 12.