BeautyBlender Is Launching Its First Makeup Product & It Goes Perfectly With The Iconic Sponge

Courtesy of BeautyBlender

This is officially an incredible time for beauty. The cosmetics industry is clearly winning, as one beauty launch after another is happening back-to-back. Next on the list of new releases comes courtesy of the makers of your handy pink makeup sponge. You'll be itching to know when the BeautyBlender foundation comes out, as it's exactly what your go-to sponge has been missing.

There may be other beauty sponges on the market, and they may even come in forms other than the iconic egg shape. But nothing compares to the original hot pink blender. Even if you use the fluffy sponge in another color or size, the BeautyBlender brand seems to have the competition sewn up when it comes to makeup application tools. Seriously, it's nearly impossible not to imagine the bright-colored tool when thinking of applying foundation, and often times other sponges are referred to as beautyblenders, even when they're not made by the popular brand. In other words, BeautyBlender is a household name.

Now, the brand is giving makeup lovers every reason to keep their name on the tip of their tongue by releasing their first-ever foundation. It's really a huge move for the brand that's currently only known to sell foamy applicators and their appropriate cleansers and travel cases.

Think of BeautyBlender's soon-to-be-released Bounce Liquid Whip Long-Wear Foundation as the soulmate to your blender. It's not only going to apply like magic thanks to your beautyblender, but also it's practical bottle will make the process cleaner than ever.

The brand assures that it'll only take two pumps of the dreamy, 24-hour wear base to achieve a flawless facade, which dispenses onto the nifty egg-shaped reservoir/mixing plate built right into the bottle. This is clearly the makeup lovers paradise where form meets function, people.

Officially launching on July 24, the revolutionary foundation is worth checking out just for its unique packaging alone. But if the novelty of it all doesn't strike you as amazing, deets on Bounce's formula may perk up your ears.

The lightweight formula featuring a velveteen matte finish will be available in 32 fair to deep hues. Despite the variety of shades, however, there has been backlash via social media regarding the lack of suitable hues for women of color. BeautyBlender's response to the outrage via their own Instagram comments is that images with a "wacky filter" are floating around social media that do not attest their true shade range.

UPDATE: A statement from the brand sent to Bustle says, "Of our 32 BOUNCE blends, half the shades (16) are formulated for a range of olive to dark skin tones and include subtle nuances that make a world of difference on the skin.

"We truly want everyone to find their perfect match, so to ensure this we put our shades to the test against some of the most inclusive on the market. While the range goes both very light as well as very dark, we have THE MOST shades in what we call our “medium plus” range. This was created specifically for people of multicultural backgrounds as they have the hardest time finding the right shade to match their undertone.

"Our founder, Rea Ann Silva is not only Latina, but a professional makeup artist who has always worked with women of color throughout her 30 year career. Those with tan, deep and dark skin tones understand that finding the right color foundation is all about matching your undertone and this is where Rea Ann saw the biggest hole in the market: for women like herself and her multicultural family.

"We can’t wait for people to actually see and try the product IRL when it launches 7/24."

EARLIER: The questionable shades aside, the foundation is buildable for a full-coverage look that will remain picture-perfect as you flaunt it. Infused with hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich birch extract, it's just as good at smoothing and perfecting the skin as it looks.

As it turns out, Bounce has even already made a red carpet debut, although it's not quite available for purchase yet. Worn by the lovely Regina Hall during the recent Essence Festival, the foundation got its big moment in the spotlight. Impeccably applied by BeautyBlender Founder and celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva the foundation looked as flawless as ever on the actress.

The foundation that's a match made in heaven for your blender sounds like a dream come true, so you're likely considering snagging it when it officially drops.

The foundation will land first exclusively on Sephora's website on 7/24, making for the perfect excuse to do a major beauty haul at the fan-favorite retailer. Not too long after, BB's new gem will launch inside of Sephora stores on Aug. 10, too, ideal for those hoping to try the foundation in person before committing to a purchase. After all, picking your spot-on shade from behind a computer screen isn't exactly fool proof.

If it all sounds like a bunch of hooplah over yet another foundation release, that's because the hype is well-deserved, here. "Some things just go together," the brand wrote on Instagram in reference to the power couple their new foundation forms with their iconic blenders. The upcoming complexion perfecter is truly what your sponge always needed.