'Black Lightning' Season 2 Will Return With One BIG Change

Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

The midseason finale of Black Lightning is promising a lot of action. Jennifer and Khalil are on the run with Cutter, aka Tobias Whale’s newest accomplice, hot on their trail; Black Lightning, Thunder, and Gambi are working double time to keep Jennifer safe; and Lynn is dealing with her immense grief and worry as her life falls apart. These storylines probably won't get a resolution by the end of the episode, but at least fans will have something to speculate about until Black Lightning Season 2 comes back on Jan. 21, per Deadline.

Black Lightning’s midseason return will be a big change for the superhero show as it moves to Monday nights at 9 p.m., airing right after the long-running Arrow series. The show, which debuted in January 2018, has previously aired on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. and will replace DC’s Legends of Tomorrow until it returns in April.

By that point, Season 2 of Black Lightning will be over and there will hopefully be some word about whether the groundbreaking show will come back for a third season. If it's renewed, it will be interesting to see if it permanently bumps Legends of Tomorrow out of its spot. Black Lightning probably won't go back to Tuesday nights because, according to TV Guide, the upcoming Roswell, New Mexico revival will occupy its old spot. Of course, the series may not survive its freshman season, but it still wouldn't make sense to keep switching up Black Lightning's time slot.

The CW

There hasn't been any official word from the CW about why they're making the change, but hopefully it's not a bad sign for the series. From a story perspective, the future looks promising with lots to explore as Jennifer continues to gain control of her powers, Khalil looks to redeem himself, and the Green Light and the A.S.A. mystery continues to unfold. There's also a million questions about when Grace Choi will reveal her powers, Looker's ambiguous future, Tobias' evil plans, and the current status of the South Freeland residents that we need answers to ASAP.

Even if Season 2 wraps up some lingering threads, there will certainly be a big cliffhanger to plant the seeds for the Outsiders connection that fans have been craving for months. Plus, Black Lightning’s unique representation has been a draw for many people who want to see a different type of hero on their TV screens, so it needs to be on TV for a while. Fingers crossed this switch in time slots will give the show even more visibility and a boost in ratings.

Black Lightning is expanding the world of Freeland one episode at a time. No one can predict what will go down on the midseason finale, but at least viewers can rest assured that their favorite metahuman family will be back for more action in just a few short weeks. The show’s time slot may be changing, but the mission to make Freeland live up to its name will definitely remain the same.