You Won't Want To Miss 'GLOW' On Netflix


Netflix is bringing together some of the baddest ladies in the biz to reimagine an epic story of the lady bosses who came before them. It already sounds glorious. Orange Is the New Black's creator Jenji Kohan, EP Tara Herrmann, and supervising producer Carly Mensch join forces with Nurse Jackie EP, Liz Flahive, to bring audiences a new original series: GLOW. You may be wondering, when does GLOW come to Netflix? The comedy will premiere Friday, June 23 with 10 episodes in the first season.

Netflix regular Alison Brie (BoJack Horseman) is already signed on to star in the project. The minimalistic teaser promo, which was released on Wednesday, is still strong, cheeky, nostalgic, and enticing enough to prove it will not disappoint.

The series goes back to the '80s and is inspired by the real-life female wrestling league G.L.O.W., the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. GLOW was also a show that ran on WWF from 1986-1990, following the larger-than-life actors, models, dancers, and entertainers whose colorful personalities were brought to life in the ring. It was sort of a reality show before reality TV even became a thing — an OG, if you will. Netflix's fictionalized retelling will pay a nod to "big hair in body slams," set in Los Angeles (not Las Vegas, where the original show was).

In the show Brie will play Ruth Wilder, a struggling actor who turns to GLOW and the show as a last attempt to grab at her dreams of being a star. According to Netflix, Brie's character finds herself among a crew of fellow hopeless or washed-up Hollywood dreamers, including former soap actor Debbie Eagan (Betty Gilpin), who are led by burnt-out movie director Sam Sylvia (Marc Maron).

I'm looking forward to big hair, sparkly '80s spandex, and the kind of ruthlessness and quick wit fans get to watch in OITNB, just infused with neon.