Jenji Kohan Is Giving Us A 'G.L.O.W.' Revival

by Michelle Lulic

When Orange Is The New Black creator, Jenji Kohan, first brought the female-prison-centered dramedy to Netflix in 2013, the concept of a Netflix Original Series was a fairly new one. However, with the growth of the streaming site itself and OITNB's multiple Emmy and Golden Globes nominations and wins, the amount of content to watch on Netflix is relatively overwhelming. With the Tuesday announcement of Jenji Kohan's G.L.O.W. revival being on its way, Netflix is continuing to be ground-breaking for the entertainment industry as a whole. Based on the concept of the show alone, it's clear that Kohan is once again out to prove that a large female cast can dominant the entertainment sphere.

G.L.O.W., set to carry 10 episodes in its first season on Netflix, centers around a professional women's wrestling league. The show was initially featured on television in its original, unscripted reality form between the years of 1986 and 1990, but fans of G.L.O.W. — which stands for "Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling" — are sure to get even more out of viewing this time around. If this series ends up being anything like OITNB, it's sure to include the diversity, drama, and struggles of women's wrestling like we have never seen it before.

In fact, the brief description of the series is already grabbing my attention. G.L.O.W. is set to center around the, "fictionalized story of an out-of-work actress who finds one last attempt to live her dreams in the form of a weekly series about female wrestlers.” Sign me up right now, especially if Kohan is involved.

Unfortunately, no official release date for the series has been announced as of yet, and everything still seems to be under wraps as far as casting is concerned, too. However, with OITNB's Jenji Kohan, Carly Mensch, and Tara Herrmann, and Homeland's Liz Flahive, all attached behind-the-scenes, I've got my fingers crossed for some new talent on this show. Based on what fans have seen in the '80s series, G.L.O.W. could be launching the careers of at least 10 new actresses who may be outside of the limiting Hollywood norm. Just like OITNB, the cast for G.L.O.W. could include more diversity, women with many different body types, and, ultimately, more female than male characters. These are all things that sadly remain rare on broadcast television, and in movies as well.

If you're still having any doubts about G.L.O.W.'s potential, then let me just put things into perspective. Based on the success of OITNB alone, strong women (both physically and mentally) can certainly rule steaming. And, with the addition of G.L.O.W., Netflix is about to show the market, and audiences, that female wrestling is about so much more than attractive women fighting in the ring. I literally can't wait.