Someone Is Going To Die On 'HTGAWM' & It Could Be One Of Your Faves

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Does anyone know what’s going on on How To Get Away With Murder? I’m half-joking here, because this show takes viewers on such a crazy ride that it’s hard to know which is up and who viewers should be trusting (the answer is definitely not Annalise Keating). Season 4 has been a wild ride, and the show is about to drop a bomb on the audience in its fall finale that will definitely have fans wanting to know when How To Get Away With Murder comes back to resolve its lingering questions — and boy are there a lot.

Season 4 started in the shadow of Wes’ death, which had the remaining members of the Keating Five reeling (understandably). At the end of Season 3, viewers figured out that Laurel's dad had an associate of his kill Wes, and Season 4 found that Laurel knew, too. Of course, this means that she’ll do anything to take her father down, and, as of right now, that means getting Michaela to work at Kaplan & Gold, the firm that represents Laurel’s father’s business holdings (Oliver, too!). Annalise is taking revenge on the state of Pennsylvania by embroiling them in a class-action lawsuit; Connor is not feeling being a lawyer anymore; Frank is trying to become a lawyer instead; Bonnie works for the district attorney; and Asher is just trying to love Michaela, but she’s busy with espionage. Oh, and Jimmy Smits is Annalise’s therapist with a dark past, and Laurel’s baby is missing, and also someone is dead. All of this is in like, seven episodes, so you can imagine that the fall finale will be a lot to take in.

For How To Get Away With Murder fans, any resolution to whatever happens in the fall finale will have to wait. How To Get Away With Murder won’t be back until Jan. 18, 2018. That’s a while to wait, but it means plenty of time for speculation. So, who is dead on How To Get Away With Murder? It’s definitely a guy, because the ladies — Laurel, Michaela, Annalise, and Bonnie — are accounted for in the flash-forwards that happen at the end of the episodes. And we’ve seen Asher and Oliver accounted for, too. Who could it be? Judging from who we haven't seen in those flashes, these men could be in trouble.


If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it fall? If Annalise’s one-time hookup and now nemesis/frenemy dies, does anyone care? Nate hasn’t done much this season except show up in hallways looking fine, and I’m not really sure what he’s around for. I like the eye candy, but if Nate died, I wouldn’t be sad. Sorry, Nate.



Michaela and Oliver used Simon’s computer to hack into what they needed to find on Antares, which is 100 percent not cool. Why? Because Simon revealed that he was a DACA kid and would be deported if there was any funny business, so Michaela and Oliver basically just got him kicked out of the country. These people are awful, terrible human beings. Also, the crime scene looks like it’s in the Kaplan & Gold office, so just based on circumstance and desperation, Simon could be a goner.


This would be the saddest for me, because I’m a big-time Coliver fan. But Connor’s death would spawn the greatest potential for storylines in the back half of Season 4. Everyone will be distraught about Connor’s death! Oliver will not be able to go on! They were so happy (minus when Oliver admitted they knew who killed Wes)! Losing Connor will destroy the rest of the group, and at least that will keep the show interesting.

How To Get Away With Murder is sure to close out the front half of Season 4 with a bang, but you’ll have to wait until next year to see what comes next.

Editor's Note: This post has been updated with the premiere date.