Karla Souza Wants Wes Back On 'HTGAWM'

Nicole Wilder/ABC

Being a fan of How to Get Away with Murder can be stressful, because you can't trust what you see until the finale ties all of the season's loose ends together. You'll spend months thinking one character was the culprit only to learn that they weren't involved at all, or that they were being forced to act by someone else. That's why I don't know if I believe that Wes is really dead on How to Get Away With Murder. Or, maybe, I just don't want to believe it. Karla Souza, who plays Laurel, also wishes Wes could come back through some crazy twist. "I really hope that we find out that it was a secret twin that was in the house and that he was the one that died [instead of Wes]," Souza tells Bustle.

It sounds out-there, but pretty much nothing is out of the question on a show with so many twists. Each episode reveals shocking pieces of information that build to the big, dramatic conclusion where everything finally falls into place — only for a new mystery to be added to the equation for the following season. And, while Souza says that she does think Wes is dead, she doesn't want his story to end there.

"I am hoping that Pete Nowalk, the creator, reads this interview and sees that people want Wes back and that there starts a hashtag #BringBackWes or something, because he’s my best friend and I want him on the show," she says. "And, who knows if Season 4 is, like, before Middleton [University].'" she says. But don't get too excited — none of Souza's hopes stem from spoilers.

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Just like the How To Get Away With Murder star feels the same way about Wes' death as many fans, she's also usually just as in the dark as we are. In fact, she says that most of the cast didn't know who would die in the first half of Season 3 for a long time. "The first episode, [producers] sat us down at a table and they said, 'So this is a show about murder…' and I was like, 'What’s about to happen right now?'" she says.

After reading the first episode script, she thought the person under the sheet would be a guest star, brought in for an episode or two and then killed off. But soon the cast found out, it could be one of them, as she recalls producers telling them, "We’re trying for it to not be one of you guys, but it’s probably going to be one of you guys."

After that, Souza says, "Every episode we would find out whether or not we still had a job ... It became a reality TV show where people were betting on who was gonna die, and you didn’t know if that was your last episode."

Nicole Wilder/ABC

So if you thought it was hard to wait for the reveal of which characters were safe each week, it's nothing compared to what the actors experienced. "Every episode you’d find out who made it," Souza recalls, "So you’d celebrate, but on your own, because you didn’t want to come up and be like, 'I’m alive! Yeah, b*tches!' You didn’t want to say anything, because the other person might still be dead."

Eventually, Alfred Enoch learned his character was being killed off, and the rest of the cast was devastated to hear the news. "I was like wailing and Aja [Naomi King, who plays Michaela] was as well. It was just super sad," Souza says.

For now, at least Enoch is still on How To Get Away With Murder in flashbacks, and like Souza, we can keep hoping that a twist will bring him back in an even bigger way. Just don't go looking to Souza for answers, as she says, "I’m just as clueless as you guys."