The Final Instalment of Sky's 'Jamestown' Will Put Women At The Heart Of The Story

by Sophie McEvoy
Sky One

With Easter on the way, it's no surprise that there will be some fantastic shows on the box to keep you entertained during the festivities. Sure, it's not as hyped up as Christmas, but the Easter holidays are as much of a goldmine for quality telly — especially when a period drama like Jamestown is returning for its third and final series. So when does Jamestown season three start, and how exactly do you go about concluding a story based on true events?

Chronicling the events that led to the first permanent English settlement in America in the 17th century, Jamestown is told through the perspective of three women — played by Naomi Battrick, Sophie Rundle, and Niamh Walsh — who are sent to Jamestown to marry the men who colonised the settlement 12 years prior, as described by the Express. However, rather than just existing as a commodity for the men, these women serve much greater purpose in helping this settlement thrive and prosper, which lends itself to a narrative full of drama and rich history.

"The three women are quite rightly front and centre. They are the most important characters in the story," Jamestown actor Jason Flemyng told Culture Trip while promoting the second series in 2017. "Jamestown is seen through [Naomi Battrick's] eyes. It's also great to see three female actors placed at the centre of a drama. Sometimes, it's difficult for women in this industry, so that's really great."

The good news is, fans don't have long to wait before Jamestown series three is out as, according to a statement sent to Bustle UK by Sky, the series is set to return on Friday, April 26 at 9 p.m. Described by the director of Sky Drama Cameron Roach as a series that will offer "huge emotion as well as thrilling adventure," the final instalment of the drama will deal with the tensions that rise due to the leader of the community George Yeardley (played by Flemyng), and his aims to expand the territory of Jamestown onto Native American land.

It seems this move will led to some significant conflict between the community of Jonestown and Native American chief Opechancanough (played by Raoul Max Trujillo) of the Pamunkey tribe. It was only very recently that this tribe became recognised by the U.S. government, despite that fact that it has been "450 years [since they signed] their first treaty with the king of England," as the Los Angeles Times reports.

"The portrayal of Native characters are rich and multi-layered in this series, which makes it so gratifying to play," actor Kalani Queypo (who plays a Pamunkey warrior named Chacrow in Jamestown) told Indian Country Today. "Oftentimes Native characters are simply 'sidelines' in so many period films and television projects. But in Jamestown the Native characters are highly-nuanced with agendas and humanity. We are very much an integral part of the storyline."

If you have yet to watch the first two instalments of the series, don't worry, because you've still got time to catch up before the third premieres. Both are currently available to stream on Sky and NOW TV.