When 'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Takes Place, Everything Will Be Different

David Giesbrecht/Netflix

While Kilgrave's death still weighs on Jessica Jones in Season 2, Marvel fans have already seen the super-powered detective since she took down the creepy purple villain. These new episodes dig deeper into her past, including recent events. While it's been over two years since the series first premiered, Jessica Jones Season 2 takes place after The Defenders.

Some Easter Eggs in previous Marvel series, such as Iron Fist, kept fans informed of her endeavors. In The Defenders, Jessica had once again stopped working as a private investigator. By the end of the season, she opened up shop with a fancy new office door, and her helpful neighbor Malcolm became something of an assistant. She didn't get back together with Luke Cage, but Alias Investigations is taking calls. It's something.

Exactly how long it has been since Jessica met the Devil of Hell's Kitchen and the immortal Iron Fist is unclear. The last Marvel series since the gang got together is The Punisher, and Frank Castle is even more of a loner than Jessica. There weren't a lot of connections to Jessica Jones or any of the other shows in that gritty universe.

On the big screen, the Marvel Cinematic Universe tends to unfold more or less in real time, with films set in the year they were released unless otherwise specified. By that logic, we can assume that Jessica Jones takes place in 2018, approximately two and a half years after Kilgrave's death and a few months after fighting ninjas and an immortal Sigourney Weaver. The trailer actually mentions Captain America, who as Spider-Man: Homecoming noted is technically a war criminal at this point in the MCU. Is that a comment on the timeline?

Something significant about the anti-hero is that this time around, even more so than at the start of the team-up series, regular people in New York City not only know who Jessica is, but what she can do with her superpowers. That lack of desired anonymity should be a big change in Season 2.

"Her frustration with that is another component and layer to her anger," said actor Krysten Ritter in an interview with Collider, "She doesn’t want anybody to know who she is, let alone now know her face, know her name, and know her as a superhero vigilante. That’s the opposite of what she wants. So, she’s navigating that newfound popularity and there is no textbook on how to deal with that. That’s something we’re exploring."

With Kilgrave out of the way, and no Big Bad forcing her onto a team, the conflict this time around starts off as a more internal one. As you can see in the trailer, she's looking into her past and the accident that resulted in her getting these powers in the first place.

"I think that she will deal with how isolated she is and what to do next," Ritter said in the same interview.

"She is very reluctantly looking into herself, nudged by Trish. Jessica doesn’t really want to do anything. She doesn’t want to participate in life. She wants to drink and barely get by. But at the end of the day, when other people are in danger, she does show up. That is what we love about Jessica, and that’s what she’s doing here. She’s reluctantly showing up because she has to."

It makes sense that the Defenders team has disbanded. Claire Temple and Luke Cage are a long and likely delayed subway ride uptown in Harlem. Karen is, of course, working with The Punisher. Matt Murdock is presumed dead, and you didn't really expect Jessica to keep in touch with Danny Rand, did you? Jessica Jones is back, and while it's been a while and she certainly doesn't want to see us, it's good to see her again.