When & Where Louis Theroux’s Newest Documentary ‘Selling Sex’ Will Air In The UK


Louis Theroux fans rejoice, because the legendary filmmaker is coming back with a brand new documentary. For his latest TV venture, Louis Theroux: Selling Sex, the award-winning documentary maker has travelled back to the UK and explored an ever-expanding online sex industry — which has boomed in recent years following the introduction of several new platforms. But when Does Louis Theroux: Selling Sex air?

According to the BBC, the documentary is scheduled to air on BBC Two, however an exact airdate is yet to be announced. I have reached out to the BBC for comment, and will update with any new information once it becomes available.

Louis Theroux: Selling Sex will delve into the world of online transactional sex, which, thanks to the power of the internet, has exploded in popularity. The filmmaker will speak to those currently working in the online sex industry — many of whom can make hundreds of pounds an hour from the comfort of their own homes. The question of whether or not sex should be traded will also be explored, and people on both sides of the argument will provide their opinions.

Jamie Simonds/BAFTA/Shutterstock

As reported by Digital Spy, the rise of platforms such as OnlyFans and Tumblr has inspired many to legally trade sexual services online, and the business is considered by some to be much safer than illegal alternatives. When speaking about the new BBC doc, Theroux explained that he is often drawn to divisive topics. He said, "I’m always drawn to stories that involve ethical wrinkles — issues that are deeply felt, but are also divisive, and in which good-hearted people can come to opposite conclusions."

The BAFTA Award-winner also hinted at a "very intimate look" into the lives of people at the centre of the industry. According to the Digital Spy, Theroux went on to say, "I thought it would be revealing to speak to the women involved in the business of selling sex. Once we started looking we discovered that the sexual economy seems to have been turbo-charged by the prevalence of new websites and social media that allow users to meet up more easily, to write reviews of each other, and swap information. What we ended up with was a very intimate look at three very individual women and the different paths that led them to this field of work."

According to the Metro, BBC Two Controller, Patrick Holland, described Louis Theroux: Selling Sex as being the "modern face" of an old "taboo." He said, "This is a challenging and complex film about the modern face of one of the oldest taboos. The contributors let us into their lives with exceptional candour. I’d like to thank Louis and his team for another exceptional documentary." And BBC Two's Head of Commissioning, Clare Sillery, promised that Theroux's latest doc will examine an "important" and "hotly-debated topic."

I don't know about you, but I look forward to just about anything Theroux puts out into the world, and this next BBC documentary sounds like yet another slam-dunk for the filmmaker.

Louis Theroux: Selling Sex is coming soon to BBC Two.