Every Lush Holiday Product Is BOGO Right Now & This Is The Most Epic Sale

The holiday season is nearing its end, but that doesn't mean you still can't grab a gift for yourself. Post-Christmas sales are happening, and they're so good. One sale that you can't miss? The Lush BOGO sale. Yes, that's right. Lush is basically giving away free products, but if you're a Lushie who wants to shop the sale, you'll need to move quickly because the deal isn't going to last forever and neither are the products.

Typically, Lush offers a sale for Boxing Day, a holiday that originated in the UK based around the idea of charitable giving after Christmas. It's actually a bank holiday in the UK, and while there's no official Boxing Day sale in the US, you can still get in on the fun thanks to Lush North America. The Lush Boxing Day sale in the UK is happening in tandem with a buy one, get one offer the brand currently has up for grabs in North America.

The sale began at 6am PT/9 am ET on Dec. 26, but while there clearly was an official start date, there's no end in sight. That's right, while bogo is a sale specifically for Boxing Day, it doesn't end when the day does. According to a comment from Lush on the Instagram post announcing the sale, the deal will continue until all of the qualifying items are completely sold out. That means you've definitely got some time to keep shopping these incredible buys.

If you head over to the BOGO section of the site, you'll see that not all Lush goodies qualify, but several of the brand's most popular Christmas items are up for grabs. Rose Jam shower gel, Butter Bear bath bomb, and Bubbly shower gel are just some of the offerings.

Another question you may have, though, is what can you shop when everything seems to be sold out. There's some good news on this front. According to some comments from the Lush Instagram page, items seem to be restocking throughout the day. While there's no guarantee that the item you want will be one of them, there is still hope that many items which seem to have already sold out will be coming back in stock.

A helpful Lushie hopped on the brand's Instagram to explain the best methods for shopping the clearly popular sale. In a response to a question, Lush even chimed in regarding restocks.

As for how Lushies are reacting to the bogo sale on Twitter, it seems to be equal parts utter chaos and supreme excitement.

Some fans announced to the world that the sale is happening, and honestly, people need to know about this can't miss Boxing Day deal.

Others seemed to have a good laugh at Americans taking advantage of the Boxing Day bogo sale given that the UK holiday is not commonly celebrated in the states.

Some fans are already kind of worried about the damage the sale has done to their bank accounts.

For those who were able to grab their goodies immediately, it's cause for celebration.

Other fans, however, seem to be having issues with the website.

Lush, however, is responding to comments via Instagram and Twitter regarding these challenges. The brand appears to be actively working on solutions to the heavy traffic currently crowding their website.

The slow down on the website makes total sense given the hella good deal that bogo is. If you want to head over the Lush website to shop, be patient, keep an eye on items for restocks, and try not to spend too much cash. The Lush bogo sale is in full swing, though, and it's basically the retail equivalent of a holiday miracle.