Here’s Every Product In Lush’s Massive Christmas Collection


Have you recovered from Lush's epic Halloween collection yet? No? Well, brace yourself: Lush's Christmas line is finally available online and there are over 100 different products.

If that sounds like a lot to you, it should. This is the largest holiday collection Lush has ever released, and it includes everything from never-before-seen products to limited-edition treats and Lushie cult-favorites. Arguably the most exciting detail about the Holiday collection, though, is that the brand is offering naked, packaging-free options for pretty much every product, so you can have a waste-free gift-giving season.

“Every year our product inventors up their Christmas game for our loyal customers and this year is no different," shared Brandi Halls, Director of Brand Communications Lush Cosmetics North America. "From our newly invented reusable sparkle jars to our innovative solid shower gels and body conditioners, we’re bringing more choice, and less packaging, to the holiday range than ever before."

Take a moment to visualize stacks of holiday-themed bath bombs, shower gels, and other festive products piled in a room with a big red bow on top, just for you. It's possible! But if you're also feeling generous this season and want to share the Lush love with your friends and loved ones (or are just looking for an easy present anyone will love) here's exactly what you can shop from the massive collection.

Sparkle Jar


Lush's new Sparkle Jars combine two of the brand's most popular products: their moisturizing massage bar and their dusting powders. Just rub the "jar" bar onto your skin, sprinkle some shimmery dust on top, and it'll result in a soft and subtle glow.

Golden Wonder


This one is a must-have for every Lushie. The Golden Wonder is a present-shaped bath bomb that'll have you bathing in liquid gold.

Christmas Sweater


Instead of an ugly Christmas sweater, cloak yourself in this bath bomb that's just as cozy and warm.

Magic Wand


Not many people want to smell like candy cane year-round, but the holidays are definitely an exception.



Have you ever seen a cuter Bubbleroon?! No, you haven't. Stock up on these snowman babies before they disappear.

Man In The Moon Bubble Bar


This cocoa butter and olibanum-oil filled moon man will help save dry, winter skin.

Tree-D Luxury Bath Melt


This bath melt packed with citrus oils is another great (and festive!) way to moisturize cracked, flaky skin.

Twilight Shower Gel


Gift this lavender-scented gel to someone who could use some major relaxation in their life.

Naked Twilight Shower Gel


Also in packaging-free, naked version!

Snowcloud Soap


Cocoa butter and marshmallow root team up to make the dreamiest sink-side soap.

Butterbear Wash Card


Popular Butterbear bath bomb now comes in single-use form, thanks to this adorable wash card. It's perfect as a stocking stuffer or a secret santa gift!

Rose Jam Shower Gel


Back by popular demand (but only for a limited time), Rose Jam shower gel will leave skin feeling soft, luxurious, and sweetly scented.

Naked Rose Jam


Also in packaging-free, naked version!

Once Upon A Time Naked Lotion


Not only will this lotion hydrate, but it'll also revitalize dull skin, thanks to its rich apple ingredients.

Golden Pear Soap


Love the smell of cardamom and pear? This sudsy soap bar will intoxicate your senses.

Thunder Snow


Prepare to have peppermint oil and cocoa take over your body with this festive bath bomb.

Luxury Lush Pud


This bath bomb, made with lavender oil and benzoin resinoid, soothes dry skin and aids relaxation. It's perfect for bath time prep!

Shoot For The Stars


This colorful bath bomb will dazzle your bath tub with its Brazilian orange and bergamot oils.

Butter Bear


This Butterbear has the same ingredients as the Butterball bath bomb — sweet vanilla-ylang ylang fragrance.

Never Mind The Ballistics


This sweet and citrusy bath bomb are sure to invigorate the senses.

The Magic Of Christmas


Love cinnamon and almond scents? Swish this magic wand stick into your bath to warm up your skin.

Candy Mountain


This sweet vanilla bubble bar will make you smell like your favorite sugary candy bar.

My Two Front Teeth


All you'll want for Christmas is this two front teeth.

Christmas Cracker


The bright smell of lemon myrtle and lime oils will put you in the holiday spirit.

Christmas Eve


This jasmine and ylang ylang bubble bar will rock you to sleep.

Plum Snow


This fruity and floral bubble bar will help you relax after stressful holiday activities.

Snow Angel


This sweet angel bath melt will leave a golden glow in your bathtub.

Star Light Star Bright


Watch this silver star transform your bathtub water into a pool of turquoise, pink, and purple.

Snow Fairy Gel


This cult-favorite shower gel will leave your skin feeling so sweet and sparkly.

Naked Snow Fairy Gel


In a packaging-free, naked version!

Berry Berry Christmas


This berrylicious shower gel is perfect for those who love cranberry, blueberry, and bergamot scents.

Naked Berry Berry Christmas


Get it in the naked version, too!



Lush was inspired by champagne when they created this festive shower gel.

Naked Bubbly


Don't forget to pick it up in the naked version.

Santa's Christmas

Sweet cola, coffee, and cinnamon will warm up your senses.

Naked Santa's Christmas


Treat yourself to the naked, packaging-free version.

Santa's Belly


Could this shower gel be any cuter? Get it for your the generous, gift-giving "Santa" in your family!

Snowman Jelly


This playful little jelly snowman will glide over your skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth and squeaky clean.

Shooting Stars


This adorable soap is made with starfruit juice and will leave your body smelling zesty AF.

Baked Alaska


If you're into citrus scents, you'll love this refreshing body soap.

Sherbert Dip


This citrusy bath bomb was inspired by the famous British hard candy.

Saucy Snow Cake


If you're a Lush fan, then you know this is a holiday classic!



This body conditioner will leave your body feeling fresh and tingly, thanks to the menthol and peppermint.

Salt and Peppermint Bark


Santa Baby Lip Scrub


Get your lips into the holiday spirit with this luscious cola-flavored lip scrub.

Hidden Mountain


Escape to the forest with this relaxing grassy, herbal soap.

Bûche de Noël


This festive face and body cleanser includes satsumas, cranberries, and a drop of brandy — so sassy!

Sugar Plum Fairy


This naked lip tint will leave a kissable, natural berry hue on your pout.

Shades of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh


You can wear the foiled copper, silver, or gold shades from this lip block anywhere you want — as a lipstick topper, an eyeshadow, a highlighter, the list goes on!

Candy Cane


This minty roulade will make your skin feel super smooth and smell, well, like a candy cane!

Christmas Citrus


Wake yourself up with this bright, bergamot-infused cirtrus Christmas soap.

Christmas Rocker


You'll find mandarin, tangerine, and bergamot oils in this adorable soap.

Santa Baby Lip Tint


If you love the Santa Baby lip scrub, be sure to grab the Santa Baby red lip tint, too!

To check out the massive Christmas collection in its entirety, click here.