Your Cosy Nights In Are About To Get WAY Hotter Thanks To 'Outlander's Return

God I am bonkers for a period drama I have to admit. Like, crazy for them. So imagine a period drama that includes time travel so it becomes an even more periody period drama... OK where do I sign up, you got me hooked. Outlander is all that and more, providing endless entertainment for the masses. So when does Outlander season 4 start in the UK? And are y'all ready for heaving chests and/or bodice ripping? I know I am.

So word is the show premiers across the pond on November 4, but guys don't despair. This does not mean you will have to wait forever and a day. Yes, gird your loins, because Amazon will have it available on Prime Video from November 5. Ugh, love you guys.

But will you be able to wait 24 hours before spoiler alerting the dang heck out of it? Ah the cruel passing of time. Or have you already marathoned all the Diana Gabaldon novels the show is based on? Look guys, self control is a fully necessary part of adulthood, and this show is definitely for a more adult audience. And I mean, adult.

Described by the Guardian as a "time-travelling Highland romance that’s big on sex and swordplay," this show is everything you didn't know you needed, but are now totally hooked on.

Now if that description hasn't grabbed you, let me give you a little low down on this racy AF period drama. It tells the tale of an English nurse, called Claire (Caitriona Balfe), who goes off on her holipops to bonny Scotland with her husband Frank (Tobias Menzies), in the interest of a bit of a romantic getaway to revive their marriage. Anyway she goes and stands in literally the wrong flipping stone circle and is brought back to, you guessed it, Scotland in 1743. Sorry one second, what? Yes, as you do, she nipped back a few hundred years and went and got involved with a clan, a revolution, and a sexy AF Scotsman, Jamie (Sam Heughan). Seemingly not bothered by the lack of personal hygiene at the time, the chaos of spontaneous time travel, and well, her poor husband back in 1945, what begins as a marriage of convenience and protection turns into love and what feels like 24/7 humpathon.

You heard me, humpathon. The series moves from Scotland to the Caribbean to America, proving that the lack of budget airlines was no obstacle to a love of travel. All this punctuated with trips back to the '40s, on to the '60s and the birth of a child, Brianna, who is a product of Claire and James' seemingly endless bloody bonking. To be expected, I suppose.

But what does the upcoming season entail? Well, apparently heaps more drama in the New World. Yes, while poor Brianna is trying to use history to figure out WTF her mum is doing, Claire is getting her groove on in Georgia, bearing witness to slavery, racism, violence, and eradication of native populations. Wow so she is like, in the middle of all the hell and chaos that is colonialism? Eugh.

Not one to watch with your parents.

Catch Outlander Season 4 on Amazon on November 5