'RHOBH' Will Be Back Before You Know It

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Another season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills in the books, and the reunion specials (why, Andy, are there so many weeks of reunion shows after a Real Housewives season? Please send help) have been lit. And by lit, I mean totally, insanely crazy. But I want more! When is Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills coming back for Season 8? UPDATE: according to a Bravo press release, the show will return Dec. 19, 2017.

EARLIER: The bad news is that Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills hasn’t been picked up for a Season 8 just yet. Le sigh. But I can’t imagine that it would be cancelled. Too many people love this show to get rid of it. Bravo hasn’t announced any plans yet, but the seasons usually start around November or December, so that’s my guess for Season 8.

The biggest story of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 7 revolved around a pair of measly underwear. Early in the season, Erika Girardi (aka Erika Jayne, queen of Mykonos) didn't wear underwear under one of her dresses to avoid panty lines. Been there, done that. But PK, Dorit Kemsley’s husband, claims he got a glimpse up the dress (I doubt that, honestly), and Dorit didn’t take kindly to that. Later, she bought Erika a pair of underwear as a joke, and, oh yeah, she brought up pantygate every chance she got, alleging that Erika wanted PK to see up her dress and that she exposed herself on purpose, which Erika denied.

Let it be known again that I’m not convinced PK could see up there anyway. She didn’t do a Sharon Stone Basic Instinct leg thing. She just sat there. Methinks that Dorit and PK doth protest too much, and that Dorit was just insecure because her husband kept saying how he liked the view up Erika’s skirt. Gross.

In any case, by the end of the season, no one wanted to hear the word “underwear” again, and I think Dorit and PK came off as weird and opportunist to keep bringing up what would have been five minutes of screen time otherwise. In all, the season just wasn’t that interesting. Hopefully the cast of Season 8 will spice things up a bit. Here's who I would like to see stay and go.

Lisa Vanderpump

From where I’m standing, Lisa V does a lot of plotting and a lot of poking behind the scenes, but she doesn’t really have her own storylines. Why don’t we let her focus on Vanderpump Rules full-time?

Kyle Richards

As one of the last remaining OG housewives of the series, Kyle is a sparkling light in a sea of Los Angeles dreck. I love watching her remodel her house, I love watching her hot husband, Mauricio, and I love watching her open boutiques. STAY.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa screaming “own it” is still one of my favorite moments of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, so she stays. Plus, Harry Hamlin is still a dreamboat. STAY.

Eileen Davidson

Eileen is too good for this Housewives world. She’s classy, thoughtful, and nice, so I don’t know how she was cast, but hey, she’s a keeper. STAY.

Dorit Kemsley

Not even Boy George can save this situation. GO.

Erika Girardi

Erika Girardi or Erika Jayne — they are both queens, and they can both do no wrong in my eyes. From her glam squad to her fabulous outfits, she’s everything, and I really want to see more of Erika in subsequent seasons. Hopefully Bravo is listening!