Jenna Fischer's New Show Is Coming Back For Season 2 & Here's When You Can Catch It

Eric McCandless/ABC

ABC’s Splitting Up Together is a story about divorce, but not in the traditional sense. Lena and Martin used to see each other — really see each other — but over the past few years, they’ve become more roommates and co-parents than friends and lovers. So, they’ve decided to split up but keep the same house so their kids can have some semblance of normalcy. It’s an interesting premise, but can it continue? When is Season 2 of Splitting Up Together?

Even though Lena and Martin came to their conclusion very easily to split up and have this newfangled system of divorce, the actually being split up part hasn’t gone as simply. There are questions about dating and being ready to date someone else, how they do the housework when it’s their turn, when to keep the dehumidifier on in the guest house (the answer is all the time, because it gets damp if you don’t and the centipedes come), and just generally how to navigate a new relationship. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s very watchable and very sweet. And, thankfully, as reported by TVLine, Splitting Up Together has been renewed for Season 2, so we can keep watching! According to Deadline, Splitting Up Together will be in the 9:30pm slot on Tuesdays on ABC when it returns this fall, sitting right between black-ish and new Nathan Fillion show The Rookie (it’s like Castle, but with more drama and real cop stuff). Now, Splitting Up Together fans have to wait until the cooler months to watch new episodes.

According to TVLine, Splitting Up Together has pretty good ratings for a new show — it premiered on March 27 to big numbers, thanks to the reboot of Roseanne playing right before. The most important part, though, is that it’s held onto the big numbers, which is much more difficult. Sustainability! Splitting Up Together is based on a Danish sitcom, but the American producers have made a few tweaks. For instance, the kids on the American show are older and much more involved in the storylines. According to another piece by Deadline, Executive Producer Emily Kapnek said at a Television Critics Association panel that this change was to make the show funnier. “There’s a lot that we took from the Danish format which is wonderful,” she said. “But they didn’t really focus on the kids that much — the kids were really peripheral and they made a point of not telling workplace stories, you were very much focused on this dynamic between the two of them. As early as the pilot, we told kids stories and aged up the kids so we could do those great family stories.”

If you are not in the number of viewers taking in Splitting Up Together, you’re really doing yourself a disservice. Not only is it funny and quirky, it has a lot of heart, which is something that we could have more of in this world. Think Younger, but with a family! Star Jenna Fischer, who plays Lena, agrees, telling the TCA audience, “I really relate to this character. I’m a wife and a mother now, and I feel like I’m going to get to express this whole other part of my personality. While it’s a show about two people who are divorced, I don’t think you have to be divorced to be able to relate to the show. It was just such a rich world but told so beautifully and warmly.” Like, can you even with this scene? Ugh.

A great part of the show is the chemistry between Fischer and Oliver Hudson, who plays Martin. Of their instant relationship, Hudson told Collider,We clicked, immediately. [Jenna] had the job and we tested together, and they had to tell us to stop talking and do the scene. There was an instant connection there. I don’t know what it comes from or what it is. You can’t really define it, and it just worked. It was just a beautiful chemistry that happened.”

And it’s that beautiful chemistry that has taken this heartwarming show into a second season, airing this fall.