‘Station 19’ Fans Could Be Getting A Longer Season When The ‘Grey’s’ Spinoff Returns

Byron Cohen/ABC

For the past few years, Shondaland shows have been the undefeated champions of ABC’s Thursday night programming. And freshman firefighter drama Station 19 will return for Season 2, according to a recent Deadline report. And though a specific premiere date has not been announced, it's possible that Season 2 may be longer than 10 episodes, meaning that the series could possibly bow in the fall this time, and not midseason.

UPDATE: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Station 19 Season 2 will premiere on Thursday, Oct. 4.

The Grey’s Anatomy spinoff series details the drama around a group of Seattle firefighters, with Jason George’s character Dr. Ben Warren being the bridge between it and the long-running hospital drama. The former surgical resident left Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and decided to pursue a new career path as a firefighter.

Ben is a key character but, as in most Shonda Rhimes-related shows, the main character is an intelligent, talented, dedicated woman. Andy Hererra (Jaina Lee Ortiz) is a brave firefighter who was inspired her father Captain Pruitt, the former head of Station 19, to pursue this dangerous career. Hererra often bumps heads with a lieutenant named Jack Gibson (Grey Damon). His penchant for bending the rules makes it hard for the two to work together, but they carry on a passionate affair anyway. Of course, things get even more complicated after Andy’s high school boyfriend and police officer Ryan (Alberto Frezza) comes on the scene.

The drama, danger, and strong interpersonal relationships mirror the workplace dynamics and personal saga of Grey’s medical team, so it is no surprise that the show has become successful. Station 19 was renewed alongside fellow legal series How To Get Away With Murder and For the People. The series will give fans some fiery drama in the place of Scandal, which recently wrapped up its final season.

Byron Cohen/ABC

Station 19’s Twitter page announced the renewal to their fans, calling it “FIRE” and inserting a few flame emojis. The tweet includes a short video of the ensemble cast celebrating the news, still donning their firefighter uniforms.

In an interview with The New York Times, Ortiz opened up about her leading role. The actor leaves the dangerous stunts to professionals, but she put herself through a real firefighter’s test. She completed the Candidate Physical Abilities Test and had to drag a 165-pound dummy out of a building. Ortiz also talked about why she loves Andy, calling the character a “hot mess,” but praising her self-sufficient persona. She said:

“She’s not a sidekick or the friend, or the mistress. She is this strong, independent, passionate woman who will overstep any man just to get where she wants. If Andy stayed home with a devoted husband and folded towels, ratings would tank… ”

Showrunner and executive producer Stacy McKee’s Grey’s Anatomy experience had a profound influence on how she approached Station 19. McKee had been involved with the medical series since the pilot episode, per The Hollywood Reporter, and she was given a lot of room by Rhimes to create freely with this new project. McKee elaborated on the common threads between the two shows, saying, “I wanted really aspiration female friendships, women who are strong and capable and there’s no question about them being strong and capable. I wanted messy personal relationships but I also wanted people who have a real joy for the work that they do and for their job and a real passion for this incredible thing that they wake up to every day. Those [themes] were important because they’re nice stories to put out into the world.”

Full-season Shondaland shows typically return in late September, so fans may see Station 19 picking up around that time. The May 17 season finale will likely end on a cliffhanger, giving viewers an entire summer (and maybe longer) to mull over what will happen next.