'Drag Race' Star Alyssa Edwards Is Releasing An Eye Palette & It'll Make Your Tongue Pop

Anastasia Beverly Hills/Instagram

Alyssa Edwards had a secret, but it's out of the bag now. The RuPaul's Drag Race alum has her own makeup collaboration coming with a major brand, and it's right around the corner. The Alyssa Edwards x Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is as bright and effervescent as the drag queen herself, and the colors are beyond belief — just like the queen's dance company.

On May 21, Anastasia Beverly Hills uploaded a promotional video of Edwards rocking a bold and practically perfect pink and white cut crease makeup look with the caption "ABHxAlyssaEdwards." Soon, the brand had unveiled that its partnership with Edwards was an eyeshadow palette that represents the fun and fierce fan-favorite Drag Race queen.

The ABH x Alyssa Edwards palette features 14 new shades created and named by Edwards herself, and for fans of the iconic performer, the names will be extra familiar. From the chocolate brown of shade Back Rolls which will conjure the famous moment between Edwards and season 5 costar Jade Jolie to B.B.D.C named after her dance company Beyond Belief, each of the 14 hues represent Edwards, and fans are going to popping their tongues in awe just like Edwards once they see the mix of bold colors and transition shades.

As for when you can get your hands on the palette, you won't have to wait long. The Alyssa Edwards x Anastasia Beverly Hills collaboration launches May 29 online at the brand's website. However, if you want to see this beauty in person before snagging it, the eyeshadows launch June 6 in stores. Act fast, though. The Alyssa Edwards palette is limited edition, and you don't want to your opportunity to get drop dead gorgeous like Edwards herself.

Considering that Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of RuPaul's Drag Race's partners, gifting the winner with a year's supply of cosmetics, Edwards work with the brand makes complete sense. Plus, in a video uploaded to YouTube by the brand, president Norvina — aka Claudia Soare and daughter of founder Anastasia Soare — explains that Edwards is her "absolute favorite queen," and she was drawn to Edwards thanks to her big personality.

"I love a performer," Norvina says in the video. "I love somebody that is their persona. For me, as a creator, it's the best person to collaborate with because I can really latch on, and I can really capture a big personality, and I know how to get what she's wanting into a palette."

Edwards herself explains the palette in the video saying that it's perfectly her. She says, "This palette is quintessential Alyssa Edwards. It's all things me. If I'm going to be on set, there's some colors. If I'm going to be ridding in a Pride parade, there's some colors. If I need to jazz it up and throw a pop of color, there's some colors. All of these colors, all of these names, I had to really dig deep into myself because I wanted this to be special."

If you're a fan of Alyssa Edwards, get ready to get a beat that's already pre-approved by the Supreme. Mark your calendar for May 29 and get ready to get drop dead gorgeous.