One Of The Most Popular Palettes At Sephora Is Only $21 Right Now

Fourth of July sales have come and gone, but that doesn't mean the internet is devoid of deals. In fact, some sales are still ongoing and typical sales offered by retailers didn't stop for the holiday. That's why Anastasia Beverly Hills' Subculture palette is on super sale. How? Not because of the Fourth of July. Instead, it's through Sephora's brilliant Weekly Wow sale. While this collection of shadows may have had its bumps, its hard to deny how gorgeous the shades are, and for a discount, it's definitely worth grabbing your credit card.

If you're not much of a sale shopper (lucky you) or you try to be frugal (good for you), you may not know what the Sephora Weekly Wow is. You should know, though. The retailer takes some of their most popular products and puts them on super sale with up to a 50 percent off discount. From skin care to makeup, the sale allows customers to take advantage of deep discounts, but they're for a limited time. As the name implies, the sale is weekly meaning that items cycle out each week. On Thursdays, new Weekly Wow products pop up, and this week, it's the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette.

If you head to the Sephora website, you'll find that Subculture has been reduced a full 50 percent taking the price down from $42 to $21. That price for an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is next level amazing, and it's definitely time for you to do some shopping. Plus, it won't even break the bank.

If the Subculture name sounds familiar, it's probably because you're recalling news from its original launch. Last year, Subculture went through quite the news cycle. The first time Anastasia Beverly Hills fans found out about Subculture was through a leak. Unfortunately, president of the company, Claudia Soare (Anastasia Soare's daughter who is also known as Norvina) had to discuss via social media why leaking products is so hurtful to brands. She explained that entire teams set up launch announcements and videos, learn to use the palette, and look forward to official launches. Leaking ruins these moments.

The other reason you may have heard of Subculture? Its reviews. When the product initially launched, it garnered a lot of not-so-great feedback from YouTuber reviewers. From those saying that the shadows had too much fallout to those who argued that the blending of the shades was difficult, it shook the beauty community.

In fact, it shook the community so hard that Soare herself took to her Twitter to explain what happened with Subculture and offer her assistance. She told fans that the brand had used automatic pressing, and the process resulted in inconsistencies in the pressing of the shadows resulting in dustiness and fallout. They didn't take it laying down, though. The brand agreed to accept returns of faulty palettes.

Now, however, inconsistencies in the palette should be long gone, and some gurus like Jackie Aina have used the palette on their channels without having issues. In fact, Aina ever recommended Subculture over the dupe palette she was testing it against.

If you've been leery of purchasing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette because of these reasons, don't be. The issues appear to have been resolved. Plus, thanks to the Sephora Weekly Wow sale, you can snag the much talked about product from the major brand for a whopping 50 percent off discount. It's totally worth a shot for $21, right? Simply head over to Sephora, hit their Weekly Wow section, and add the palette to your cart. After all, who can't use a new palette, right?

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