'The Magicians' Will Return For Season 5, But Some Of The Characters May Not Survive

Dean Buscher/SYFY

Eliot and Julia are currently possessed by monsters with seemingly unlimited power, the Library is hoarding magic and shouldn't be trusted, and an epic showdown between good and evil is imminent. All in all, things are looking pretty bleak on The Magicians. But while there's a solid chance that not everyone will make it out of the Season 4 finale alive, thankfully, the series itself isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Rest assured that when The Magicians Season 5 premieres, your favorite characters will be back for more magical mayhem. Well, at least most of them. Hopefully.

Syfy renewed The Magicians for another season back in January. An official premiere date has not yet been announced, though that's not surprising — clearly, there are bigger things to worry about for these characters. And given that the fourth season isn't even over yet, there's definitely time to work out the details of the schedule at a later date. That being said, just because we don't have an answer to the question, doesn't mean we can't make a few predictions. We may not have magical abilities like this lot, but there's something to be said about the art of deduction.

Aside from Season 1, which debuted on Dec. 16, 2015, every other season of The Magicians has kicked off sometime in January. For Season 2 it was Jan. 25, 2017; for Season 3 it was Jan. 10, 2018, and for Season 4 it was Jan. 23, 2019. If this pattern continues, then odds are that Season 5 will debut sometime in January 2020. Granted, you'll have to take this assessment with a grain of salt until the network confirms this to be true (which could still be a while), but it seems like a fair assumption to make, barring any major developments.

However, before that time comes to pass, there's still quite a bit to look forward to in Season 4's final episode. Will Eliot and Julia be able to return to their former selves at the end of all of this or will they become the monsters' latest victims? You'd hope that their friends would be able to save them from this dire situation, but if this show has taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected. (Heck, Alice and Quentin are back together again — did anyone see that coming?!)

Needless to say, the finale will be a must-see episode for Magicians fans. So before you start rifling through your calendars to mark down the Season 5 premiere date or trying to figure out when exactly the series will return, be sure to soak up all the magical goodness you can in the here and now. Because as the Library has more than proven this season, sometimes that well can dry up rather quickly.

It's anyone's guess as to how Season 4 will end and what Season 5 will bring once it begins, but there should be plenty of drama left ahead to leave you speculating until the Magicians does, inevitably, come back.