Baby Yoda & 'The Mandalorian' Will Thankfully Return For Season 2

The Mandalorian needs to return for Season 2 ASAP.

Over these last seven weeks, Baby Yoda has dominated our televisions screens with his undeniable cuteness. But now that the end of The Mandalorian's first season has arrived, viewers will be forced to go without their weekly dose of furry green goodness for the foreseeable future. Luckily, the series has already been renewed for another season, however, figuring out when The Mandalorian Season 2 premieres is somewhat tricky — mostly because nothing has been officially announced yet by the cast or crew, making it difficult to know how long we'll all collectively have to suffer through this Baby Yoda drought.

Update: On Dec. 27, showrunner Jon Favreau announced on Instagram that The Mandalorian would return in Fall 2020, though did not specify a date.

Back in July, Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau revealed to Collider during an interview that he was already in the process of writing Season 2 at that point in time. "I was actually writing Season 2 this morning before I came here," he told the outlet. A few months after that, in October, Favreau teased to reporters at a press conference for The Mandalorian that Season 2 had already begun filming. None of that confirms when precisely the series will return, however, it does indicate that the creators are working as fast as they can to get new episodes out to the public.

If production was already underway in October, then logically, it would make sense to presume Season 2 will debut sometime in late 2020. The first season launched on Disney+ on Nov. 12. Perhaps Season 2 will follow a similar pattern and hit the streamer around that same time next year. Until anything is confirmed, though, this is all just guesswork.

In general, both the cast and crew have kept relatively quiet about what fans can expect from the show's sophomore season. However, one interesting detail has come to light. During a press event, director Dave Filoni announced that actor Carl Weathers, who portrays Greef Carga in the series, would be directing an episode for Season 2. So whatever fate ends up befalling Greef Carga in the Season 1 finale, fans can be rest assured that Weathers will be back in at least some capacity throughout the next season. The same seems to be the case for Baby Yoda as well, who quickly became the breakout star of the series.

So while the show's return may seem like a long ways off for now, rest assured that the characters and captivating storylines will make it all well worth the wait.