This New Nail Polish Collaboration With GLAAD Will Give You The Perfect Pride Mani

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Courtesy of Sally Hansen
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Just in case you didn't already know, June is Pride Month, a time meant to celebrate and advocate for the LGBTQ community. To help you do that, there's the new Sally Hansen x GLAAD Pride Collection. The classic beauty brand has teamed up with GLAAD to support its mission to create and call for fair and equal representation in the media. Both Sally Hansen and GLAAD know that representation starts with yourself, so whether you're an ally or a proud member of the LGBTQ community, the new nail polish collection is for you.

The Sally Hansen x GLAAD Pride Collection is, well, about showing your pride, and the collection makes it easy thanks to a set of rainbow-hued Xtreme Wear nail polishes. Together, the six new shades make up the colors of the rainbow, which, as you probably know, are also the colors of the Pride flag. Whether you want a pop of color or to paint your nails every shade of the flag, the new Sally Hansen collection will put your pride at your fingertips.

If you can't wait to show off the best Pride-inspired mani around, all six shades of the Sally Hansen x GLADD Pride Collection are available May 31, just in time for the start of Pride Month.

Courtesy of Sally Hansen

As for the price, you can purchase all six of the shades together in a special set only sold at Ulta stores for just $16.99. If, however, if you only want a few of the shades from the collection, they will be sold individually at both Walgreens and Ulta for just $2.99 per shade. Kind of a steal, right?

While a portion of the proceeds from these sales won't be donated to GLAAD, Sally Hansen has made a monetary donation to the organization as part of the project. Sally Hansen would not comment on how much was donated to GLAAD, but says they hope to bring more awareness to the organization through the products being sold at retail locations nationally.

Courtesy of Sally Hansen
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Speaking of the Pride Collection in collaboration with GLAAD, Vice President of Sally Hansen Global & US Marketing Celia Tombalakian explains that the brand chose to partner with the organization because of its mission to promote an empowering narrative around the LGBTQ community. Tombalakian says, "Since inception, GLAAD has helped shape an impactful narrative around the LGBTQ community to promote positive cultural change, education and acceptance. We admire their work, support their vision, and we are honored to partner with them."

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GLAAD Chief Programs Officer Zeke Stokes explains that the organization chose to partner with Sally Hansen on the collection because of customer's trust in the brand and its long-standing reputation. In a press release, Stokes says, "The new Sally Hansen collection brings a powerful message of inclusion that will shine bright in stores all over. As a trusted brand that is beloved by generations, Sally Hansen’s message of self-expression is one to be proud of during Pride Month and all year long."

Tombalakian perfectly explains why the Sally Hansen x GLAAD collection should be on your to-wear list for Pride saying, "We are honored to partner with GLAAD on this special collection, to support their important work and to celebrate Pride in a colorful, and meaningful way. With this rainbow collection, we offer a way for all to show their pride on their nails."

So get your nail files, top coats, and fingers ready for the best Pride mani of your life.

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