Tiffany & Co.’s New Cafe Is So Pretty, It Would Even Impress Blair Waldorf

by Alli Hoff Kosik
Paramount Pictures

There are a few dreamy movie locations that stand apart from the rest. Classic films, in particular, seem to always feature settings that are sweeping and whimsical in a way that we modern viewers can hardly describe, let alone Instagram. Can you imagine what it would be like to revisit iconic film moments firsthand and share them via social media (aka, the best way we know how to share memories in 2017)? Thanks to an equally iconic New York City location, you can stop imagining it and actually live that fantasy when it comes to the 1961 classic Breakfast at Tiffany's. So, when does this new Tiffany & Co. Café open? You'll definitely want to know, because The Blue Box Café will let you literally have breakfast at Tiffany's. Your old Hollywood dreams are about to come true.

On Nov. 10, The Blue Box Café will open its doors to the public — doors that are located at Tiffany & Co.'s flagship store at 727 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The restaurant is part of the location's fourth floor renovation, which also houses Tiffany's new luxury home and accessories collection. No longer decked in dark wood paneling and heavy marble accents, the new lighter, brighter space is said to appeal more to younger visitors, the kind of visitors, say, that might be tempted to take advantage of a good photo op and share their experience at the café on Instagram.

And what's not to 'gram? According to a full description of the space on Vanity Fair, it's a veritable sea of that all-too-recognizable (and enviable) Tiffany blue. Everything from the walls to the slip covers to the china plates — it all matches perfectly with the shade of that little blue box that you've so dreamed of receiving for pretty much every birthday since you learned what "the little blue box" was in the first place. Cakes iced with Tiffany blue are also available for order, finished with the kind of big white bow that often comes tied to the store's gift bags.

The experience doesn't stop there, though. The view from the café down Fifth Avenue gives patrons a straight shot to the start of Central Park, only adding to the feeling of old New York. And while you might expect the walls of this arguably sacred space to be covered in high-end art reminiscent of a classic collector's home, it's actually decorated with something much better: miniature inset Tiffany's windows. Just like the sparkling jewel cases that capture passerby on the street level below, these displays include an array of diamonds and other Tiffany pieces — sized down, of course.

If you're anything like me (frugal millennial, party of one!), your first reaction to this incredible news was probably something like, "There's no way I could afford to actually have the Breakfast at Tiffany's experience." Well, we'd both be wrong. Lunch is a flat $39 fee and includes both a starter and a main course — think croissants, avocado toast, truffled eggs, and coffee. It's the kind of upscale (dare I say lovely?) experience you'd expect from one of the world's best known luxury retailers, at a price that feels way more reasonable than anything you can find on sale three floors below.

For now, the Fifth Avenue store is the only one that will offer the Blue Box Café experience to diamond and Audrey Hepburn fans alike, but I have a feeling that the attraction will garner so much attention that it may expand to other locations in the future. With all of the inevitable Instagram posts (#breakfastattiffanys #IRL) that will surely appear after the restaurant opens on Nov. 10, how will the people be ignored?

If only Audrey were here to see this.