It May Be A While Before ‘Voltron’ Fans Get Their Next Netflix Fix Of The Space Saga


Back in 2016, Netflix drummed up childhood nostalgia with Voltron: Legendary Defender, a reboot of a popular '80s animated series. The original show, Voltron: Defender of the Universe, only ran from 1984 to 1985, but the show cemented itself into cartoon history with an intergalactic story about five space pilots, known as Paladins, with lion-shaped crafts that come together to form the super robot Voltron. In the new series, the Paladin’s war against the malevolent Galra Empire is far from over. Season 6 dropped on June 15, but when is Season 7 of Voltron?

Fans found out this current season's premiere date in a preview trailer that immediately followed the Season 5 finale. It was a great way to get fans pumped up for next season’s action, but don't expect that the next premiere date will be made apparent quite so early. The show's release schedule has been all over the place over the years. And Netflix has yet to officially announce when it will be back.

So Voltron viewers can't predict Season 7's debut, but they won't have to worry about if it will happen. Digital Spy reported that Voltron: Legendary Defender has a 78-episode commitment with the streaming service. Right now, the show was at exactly 43 episodes in as of the end of the last run, and the latest seasons have been broken into smaller chunks of around 6-7 episodes. Collider confirmed that Season 6 has only seven episodes, which will bring the total episodes to 50. This means Season 7 is coming because there is a lot more to explore in the ongoing battle between the Galra Empire and Voltron’s expanding team of allies.


In Season 5, Paladins Keith/Red Lion (Steven Yeun), Lance/Blue Lion (Jeremy Shada), Pidge/Green Lion (Bex Taylor-Klaus), Hunk/Yellow Lion (Tyler Labine), and their leader Shiro/Black Lion (Josh Keaton) formed a questionable alliance with Prince Lotor (A.J. LoCascio), the son of Galra leader Emperor Zarkon (Neil Kaplan) and his close advisor Witch Haggar (Cree Summer).

Lotor is the heir to the Galra Empire and wants to work with other civilizations to become stronger together instead of draining them of resources. He eventually overtook his father and took over the Galra Empire and seems to be playing well with the Voltron team and their ally Allura (Kimberly Brooks), but it still remains to be seen if he will use his newfound power for his own personal agenda.

Lotor’s story will continue to play a major role, but the Paladins also have interesting developments. Pidge’s resolves some issues with her father, Lance matures from being the constant jokester, a Galra soldier says she is Keith’s mom, Allura has develops even more powers, and the shocking revelation of Haggar using a possibly-cloned Shiro to spy on Lotor sets up some intrigue for the future.


Action sequences like the Zarkon/Lotor showdown and the rescue mission of scientists from Galra combined with the consistent character development last season are all indicators that Voltron: Legendary Defender is going full steam ahead with its narrative.

The Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 6 trailer looks at Lotor’s power and an impending war on the planet amongst rebellious Galrans. Keith returns to the group, but there is some suspicion about whether he could be the real Keith. Of course, there is some Hunk humor and some intense fight sequences with the individual lions and Voltron as a whole.

What will Haggar do next? Will the Voltron story loop Earth into the interplanetary mix? Are Keith and Shiro really themselves or some kind of clones? And, can Lotor truly be trusted by the Paladin gang? Hopefully, these questions will be answered in Season 6 along with some interesting new developments to lead fans into Season 7 of this epic space saga.