Netflix Won't Leave 'Voltron' Fans Hanging For Long

by Samantha Atzeni

As the battle continues between the Paladins and Galra Empire onscreen, fans of Voltron: Legendary Defender are showing their dedication offscreen. Unfortunately for the Voltron fandom, Season 3 only has seven episodes. The better news is that it's been renewed. But when does Voltron Season 4 premiere?

According to Den of Geek! Season 4 will premiere in October 2017, although a specific date has not been given, and consists of six episodes. The article also reported that showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery have decided to produce two shortened seasons in the same year to decrease the wait for more episodes.

However, if two short seasons in 2017 isn't enough for fans, there is more evidence that Netflix is interested in more Voltron. Another article from Den of Geek! reported that Netflix has committed to 78 episodes of the show.

With this episode commitment, it looks as though Netflix plans to give Voltron the epic narrative that fans believe it deserves. If the Season 3 trailer below is any indication of what fans can expect, the Paladins will experience a few drastic changes within their team. Without someone to pilot the Black Lion, the future of Team Voltron remains unclear.

At San Diego Comic-Con this July, attendees at the Voltron panel were treated to a teaser for the new season. Hypable reported that the panelists promised that, amid moments of levity, Season 3 will have a darker tone. Keith will be struggling with Shiro's disappearance while Pidge is still searching for her family. The site also reported that Season 3 will show the Galra Empire and Team Voltron suffering from significant losses, and both sides of the war will need reconstruction. Additionally, fans will be happy to know that Season 3 will have a heavier female representation within the Galra now that Prince Lotor, voiced by AJ LoCascio, is in charge. In other words, fans will get more of Voltron's epic storytelling.

With a short wait between Season 3's August 4 premiere and Season 4's October premiere, Voltron fans can spend 2017 worrying about the Paladins and not an imminent cancellation.