Why 'Younger' Fans Don't Have To Worry If Season 4 Ends With A Cliffhanger

TV Land

Who knew that a half-hour comedy could stress fans out so much? The stakes on Younger keep getting higher and higher for Sutton Foster’s Liza, and pretty soon, this 40-turning-26-year-old is going to have to answer for her ongoing web of lies. Season 4 is almost finished, and fans all know that it’s not going to get wrapped up in a pretty little bow. Will Younger return for Season 5? Luckily, the television gods have smiled upon us (they must love Hilary Duff as much as fans do).

UPDATE: TV Guide reports that Younger Season 5 premieres June 5, 2018.

EARLIER: According to TV Line, Younger was picked up for Season 5 by TV Land before Season 4 premiered. As for when it will premiere, that's anyone's guess. Season 1 premiered in March, Season 2 in January, Season 3 in September, and Season 4 in June — so there's no pattern there. But, all of them premiered within about six months of the previous season's finale. By that count, fans could expect Season 5 in around March. TV Line reported that TV Land general manager Frank Tanki said about the renewal, “We’re absolutely thrilled to be bringing back Younger and Teachers for more seasons and double down on our dedication to creating smart, funny, honest and compelling originals.” Fans are surely with him on that one, because Younger is one of a kind. Move over, Game Of Thrones — you have nothing on the drama that is the publishing world and who will figure out Liza’s secret next (and possibly turn her in).

And, Season 4 of Younger has been no less dramatic and twisty than those that came before. It also bookended itself nicely: It started with Kelsey finding out Liza’s secret and Liza being in love with Charles, and it is ending with Liza being in love with Charles and Kelsey accepting Liza’s secret. Honestly, these people know how to keep a secret better than anyone. If someone compliments my shoes on the street, I tell everyone I know, so I can’t imagine keeping the fact that my friend is actually 40 (not 26) on the down-low. Anyway, Liza and Kelsey are still tight, but Liza and Charles are not, mostly because Liza is the editor on the tell-all book that Charles’ wife is writing about their failed marriage. Liza has distanced herself from Charles, but that just makes her want him more. It never works, Liza.

Liza and Josh are over, thankfully (#TeamCharles), and he’s now involved with an Irish bartender/video game intern who is about to be sent back to Ireland because of visa issues. Josh doesn’t want Clare to leave, but please don’t let him marry her, Younger? Please? Rounding out the cast of characters, Maggie made a scene at a gallery because the showing artist stole her art and Lauren is having a slight breakdown after getting dumped by her doctor boyfriend. Also, Diana dumped her lying boyfriend, and her necklaces are still amazing.

This is where we are now, Younger fans, but oh, what’s next? Here’s where the show’s biggest storylines could land in Season 5.

Liza & Charles Admit They Love Each Other

Just let them get together already, OK? This is what the people want! Even if it explodes, can we stop the will-they-won’t-they drama and just see it through? Personally, I almost fainted when they kissed. I need more of that kiss.

Zane Wreaks Havoc At Empirical

Kelsey’s editor crush and publishing arch nemesis is now kind of her boss, and that’s awkward. My guess is that they’re going to have to stop sleeping with each other now that they work together, but at least they’re on the same team? Too bad Zane is only out for Zane.

Diana & Liza Reach A Crossroads

Diana and Liza have had a few nice moments over the course of the season, including Diana hating that Liza and Kelsey were fighting and Diana telling Liza that she was Liza’s mentor. Diana needs to find out Liza’s real age, because her reaction will be the best of all.

Josh & Clare Do Not Get Married

I’m serious, Younger. Please don’t let these two get married. No green card wedding. Please. Unfortunately, Nico Tortorella, who plays Josh, hinted at a wedding to Entertainment Weekly, "I think they’ve done a really good job this season of hinting at things that are going to happen and the finale comes out with a giant bang. Most of the episode takes place in Ireland." Ugh.

So, even if Season 4 of Younger ends up on a cliffhanger (and it probably will), there’s always Season 5 to look forward to.