'Gotham' Owes Fans Answers After Its Next Hiatus

Jessica Miglio/FOX

For fans of FOX's drama Gotham, the news that a relatively short winter hiatus would precede three somewhat self-contained episodes was a little puzzling. The series hyped the return of Jerome, but after the Monday, Jan. 30 episode, he'll be gone again — along with the rest of the characters. Yes, Gotham Season 3 is going on hiatus again and unfortunately, this one is going to last a while. By "a while," I actually mean several months with no new episodes of Gotham. It's understandable, since the series burned through over half of its season before January, so according to FOX's schedule of premieres for 2017, Gotham will return on April 24.

That means whatever cliffhangers and plot threads are left hanging at the end of the winter finale won't be resolved for practically three months. And while the show has been working through its plot with an impressive churn, there are still plenty of questions it needs to answer. A few things will likely be resolved in the last episode before the hiatus, "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies," namely Jerome's purpose and what will happen as a result of his resurrection. However, there are other plotlines that Gotham will surely leave fans wondering about for the next few months.

Where The Heck Is Fish Mooney?

She left almost as soon as Season 3 started to run away with her fellow mutants as a part of a deal with the future mayor of Gotham, Oswald Cobblepot. What on Earth has she been doing in the woods since then? She could be starting a secret society, losing control of her party Lord of the Flies-style, or simply biding her time until Jada Pinkett Smith is able to return for more episodes and take over Gotham City once more.

How Will Lee Get Her Revenge?

Jessica Miglio/FOX

Lee has become a little less obsessed with revenge since Mario's death, but her grief is still raw, and Jim hasn't really atoned for outright killing him instead of at least trying to stop him. What has Lee been planning since then?

How Will Barbara, Ed, Tabitha, & Butch Run The City?

Jessica Miglio/FOX

It's looking like Ed's genius plan to disarm and destroy Penguin is working and will thus put both the Gotham City underworld and ruling class in their hands. But what will these characters want after they've beaten Oswald, the man who bested them all? I doubt they'll be getting along quite as well once there is actual work to be done.

Did Hugo Strange Succeed?

So far, the list of things that Hugo Strange has been able to do successfully is pretty unlimited, all the way up to and including raising the dead. But was he able to save his resurrected victims and preserve their supernatural powers? I think the answer should be in the affirmative, but however Gotham chooses to answer the question could change everything.

Why Are The Court Of Owls Waiting?

They have a tiny Bruce Wayne clone and control over a lot of the city — but something is motivating this group to bide their time and wait until the real Bruce gets even more ass-kicking skills.

And What Does That Giant Owl Mean?

Speaking of the Court, they recently lost a giant glass owl in a scheme carried out by Bruce, Alfred, Selina, and Maria. The group of scrappy thieves were able to successfully pull off the heist, and though the Court could have easily sent some more assassins, they didn't. I think the motivations of the Court will be one of the biggest mysteries facing Gotham when it returns on April 24.