Corinne's 'BiP' Interview Is Still A Ways Off

by Nicole Pomarico
Bob D'Amico

Last week's Bachelor in Paradise discussion of what happened between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson may have started a conversation, but the show isn't done dealing with the shutdown situation. During Monday night's episode, Chris Harrison announced that his one-on-one chat with DeMario will air on Tuesday, but what about the other party involved? Don't worry — Corinne will speak out about BiP, but her interview won't air at the same time that DeMario's will.

Since both of them were interviewed separately about the allegations of sexual misconduct between them (an investigation by the production company into the situation found no wrongdoing), it makes sense that they'd each get their own segments to spotlight their comments. According to an ABC press release, "Corinne Olympios will sit down with host Chris Harrison in the Tuesday, August 29 episode." DeMario's segment might have gotten promoted already, but that's probably because it's happening so soon. Hopefully, BiP will promo Corinne's interview as well, because it's obviously just as important as his will be. Both sides of the story deserve to be told.

And since neither of them chose to accept the invitation to return to Paradise when filming resumed, this will be the first time they've shared their stories on the show all season. After all, it's not like they were involved in the cast discussion that happened last week.

At first, it seemed like the producers would want to put this controversy behind them as quickly as possible, but now, it looks like the show is spreading this out as far and as long as they possibly can. It's good that we're getting more information about what all happened, but should this still be the major topic of conversation three weeks in? And, should it take three weeks for Corinne to get to tell her side?

Maybe after DeMario and Corinne have both had the chance to speak out, the show will finally decide to move on. And, after fans finally have all the information (although dragged out over many episodes), everyone can make an informed decision about how they feel about the entire situation and how the show treated it. It's just gonna take awhile to get there.