Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Is FINALLY Coming & Here Is The Launch Date

It has been baby steps so far, but a major beauty leap is about to happen. Jaclyn Hill is finally launching Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics — her long-gestating, oft-teased, and eponymous — this month. Hill shared the first campaign image on the official Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Instagram feed on May 20, which was soon followed by a short video of Hill dipping her hands in a bowl of bling. The launch date of May 30 appears at the end of the video clip.

These are the only posts on the page, but they are as glorious as you expected. The caption of the campaign image asks, "Are you ready?," and features Hill with a mega long and dark mane of straight hair spilling down her back on a diamond swing. While it's not a closeup shot so you can't really see too much of her makeup, she is slaying that signature Jaclyn Hill glow.

While multiple collaborations with BECCA and Morphe put the beloved influencer on the makeup map and helped her fame rocket to stratospheric levels, Hill appears ready to focus on her own namesake beauty company.

The brand's bio reads, "Jaclyn Cosmetics. So Rich. So Buttery. So Good." Who's here for rich, buttery, and good? Oh, just Hill's millions of subscribers.

The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Instagram account avatar is also a silver "J." So there are several details and hints contained in the post and on the feed about how the products could look and what to expect. However, it's not quite clear if the brand will be called "Jaclyn Cosmetics" or "Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics" at this point.

Bustle reached out to Hill's reps for further information about the debut drop.

Back in January 2019, Hill shared via social media that lipstick would be her first Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics product. But that was several months ago and things might have changed. It was also one of several thrilling hints that have been dropped over the years. You can't help but think diamond-like, shimmering products are on deck, based on the aesthetics of these teases.

It's best to keep your eyes fixed to both Hill's personal Instagram and her brand's feed, as more information is bound to be shared there. Get ready for radiance, luminosity, and more. May 30 cannot get here soon enough.