Jaclyn Hill Just Launched A New Collection — And It's NOT Makeup

Jaclyn Hill's fans aka Hillsters have been eagerly awaiting the launch of her long-gestating, eponymous makeup line. She teased a new collab and some wondered if it'd be another Morphe mashup since they are frequent partners. But Hill's latest collab is totally unexpected — the Jaclyn Hill x Quay sunglasses collection is coming soon and you are going to want to own every affordable pair.

Quay (pronounced "key") is known for its super trendy and inexpensive sunglasses. The brand has collaborated with Kylie Jenner and beloved influencers Chrisspy and Desi Perkins on mega cute frames in the past. So it's no surprise that the Aussie giant and Instagram fave tapped the Internet's fave beauty influencer to co-create stylish silhouettes.

Hill's Quay collection features three frames but there will be seven different pairs available for purchase due to different colorways. The collection features a fun take on the classic aviator shape, wayfarers, and an oversized option.

Hill revealed details about her Quay collection on her Insta story. She exclaimed that she loves accessorizing. She danced while rocking the mirrored and studded "Roxanne" sunnies. She christened them "Roxanne" after her middle name and called them the "essence of my soul." The Roxannes come in three tones so you have options.

Meet Roxanne, pictured above. The collection's drop date is Nov. 15 and each pair costs $65. You can sign up for further updates at the Quay site.

Who else is loving the wayfarer-like Upgrade frames, which come in two hues? They look awesome paired with the bangs and black locks.

Those studs, though. The Roxanne shades are killer.

Go ahead and program an alarm in your mobile device so you remember to shop this collection when it becomes widely available just under a month from today.

Hill's signature is instantly recognizable as it adorns all of her Morphe products.

A mirrored aviator in a rose gold tone is pretty much the new classic. It will surely speak to millennials who like to accessorize.

Throughout her Insta story, Hill enthused about the specific hues they chose for the frames. She clearly paid close attention to detail.

There is an added benefit to mirrored aviators that Hillsters will appreciate, understand, and utilize. You can use them for quick, on-the-go makeup touchups, too. No mirror? No problem. Use your shades.

Hill acknowledged that the studs that wrap around Roxanne's perimeter are indeed extra. But that's what makes them so lust-worthy.

Even Hill's pooch can't resist a stylish pair of shades. "Very Busy" is the actual name of this oversized, squared off pair. This frame comes in two color choices.

The Jaclyn Hill x Quay shades really do look good on anyone — human or canine.

The collection also boasts two sunglasses-adjacent items.

Courtesy of Quay

There is a fold-up, leopard print carrying case that will remind you of Hill's brush holders. It's efficient, effective, and eternally cute. You will never be short on shades when on the go — thanks to this totable storage option.

Courtesy of Quay

There's also the gold sunnies chain. Your shades can be further versatile and mimic a necklace when worn with this chain.

Given the runaway success of the brand's prior influencer and celeb collabs, expect QUAYxJACLYN to be a monster fashion hit.