Kat Von D Beauty's Lash Liner Is Almost Here & It Will Be Worth The Wait

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's only been a few days since Kat Von D announced the lash liner to end all lash liners on her Instagram, but people are already dying to know when they can add it to their makeup bags. If you're wondering when you can buy Kat Von D Beauty's Lash Liner, the answer in in the hashtags. Kat Von D didn't give an exact release date just yet, but she is pointing fans in the direction of where too look for information. Let's just say that you should start saving up now.

Kat Von D Beauty never just launches a traditional product. It goes above and beyond to give people what they never even knew that they needed. Like holographic powders that work as lip toppers, eyeshadow, or highlighters. Or the chunky smudge eyeliner stick. The latest creation is a long-wearing liquid lash liner. The idea is that you can put the formula inside your lash line for budge-proof definition. Just like almost all other Kat Von D Beauty products, the formula is vegan.

Although the post on her personal Instagram post didn't give a release date for the Lash Liner, Kat Von D did give some social media clues. The first was the hashtag #comingsoon. The beauty creator has never fibbed when using the hashtag before. The caption also said that you can look to Kat Von D Beauty's Instagram for the announcement.

You can always count on Kat Von D to pull out the incredible products. Just this year alone she's reformulated all of the Studded Kiss Lipsticks to be vegan, launched the Basket Case Liner, and created the Divine collab. All of that on top of also regularly making YouTube videos for Kat Von D Beauty. Needless to say, this year might just be her best one yet.

"I’ve been working on this formula for years and it’s finally real," the caption reads. "This is the FIRST EVER LONGWEAR LIQUID #VEGAN FORMULA - created specifically for your inner rim lash line. The formula is applied wet, and dries down to the most budge-proof opaque black."

She's been very busy in other ventures too. Kat Von D has been posting more and more photos of herself tattooing at High Voltage, working on her shoe line, and even creating an album. This woman can pretty much do it all, in case you were wondering.

Oh, and she found time to get married too. Yes, Kat Von D announced on her personal Instagram page that she is officially married to Prayers vocalist Leafar Seyer aka Rafael Reyes on Feb. 21.

The brand also recently announced the launch of Kat Von D Beauty Pro as well. Although they didn't say exactly what it is, as of Feb. 22, they did say to look out for more "juicy" information on March 1. Fans seem to think that it's either a rewards program or a makeup artist class. None of those are particularly "juicy," but only time will tell what the brand is cooking up.

Fingers crossed that all of these secret products and products come out soon, or fans are going to lose their minds waiting. Either way, you should probably start saving now, because whatever it is, you won't want to miss. Plus, everyone could use a great lash liner in their lives.

It's turning out to be a big year for both Kat Von D and Kat Von D Beauty and it's only February. There's no telling what this brand will think up next, but you can pretty much guarantee that it will be worth your money. The brand knows how to create quirky and essential makeup products, and they're not stopping anytime soon.