Here Is When Every Single Retrograde Is Happening In 2018

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

I don't keep much on my calendar. I've just got the crucial dates: you know, important birthdays, meetings, and retrogrades. Yep — I said retrogrades. Knowing things like when Mercury retrograde is in 2018 is important, and keeping track of all the other retrogrades willalso help you to navigate your year both mentally and physically. The other retrogrades might not get as much attention as Mercury's does, but they matter too — you'd be surprised by how much havoc a Uranus retrograde can cause! Whether you believe in the affect of the planet's movements on your life here on Earth or not, it's good to have some perspective on what might be playing into your day-to-day frictions and frustrations.

Being aware of planetary retrogrades can help you to make sense of certain things you're going through here on Earth. If you see on your calendar that Mercury is going into retrograde on Mar. 22, and understand that people often say that plans have a tendency to go awry during this time, it will give you a helpful reminder to put a little bit of extra attention into your planning. No matter what you believe in, little monthly reminders to account for mishaps and prepare yourself for struggles is a good way to stay on your A game. Be unshakable by keeping track of the following retrogrades that will occur in the year 2018:

Mercury: Mar. 22-Apr. 15, Jul. 26-Aug. 19, Nov. 16-Dec. 6

Sorry folks, but Mercury is going into retrograde three times in the year 2018: First, it will go into retrograde in Aries, beginning on Mar. 22 and ending on Apr. 15. Next, it will go back into retrograde in Leo on Jul. 26, lasting until Aug. 19. And the last time it will go in retrograde will be in Sagittarius, and Scorpio on Nov. 16, lasting until Dec. 6.

Venus: Oct. 6-Nov. 16

The personal and influential planet of Venus will go into retrograde in both Scorpio and Libra, starting Oct. 6 until Nov. 16. You'll want to work on healing issues with personal relationships before this period beings. Put extra focus on the women in your life.

Mars: Jun. 26-Aug. 27

Mars only goes into retrograde once every two years... and unfortunately, this is the year. Mars will go into retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn for most of your summer, starting on Jun. 26 ending on Aug. 27. As a result, you might want to consider this in your summer planning, as you might have to work on your patience a bit more this year.

Jupiter: Mar. 8-Jul. 10

Jupiter will go into retrograde in Scorpio starting on Mar. 8, and ending on Jul. 10. Stick to what works during this time: Go on a trip to a place you've already been and had a great time. Save the rest of the year for uncertain adventures.

Saturn: Apr. 17-Sept. 6

Saturn will go into retrograde in Capricorn starting on Apr. 17 and ending on Sept. 6. Work on issues with the men in your life that you have personal relationships with. Try to be understanding when working things out with the people you love.

Uranus: Aug. 2017-Jan. 2, Aug. 7-Jan. 6, 2019

Uranus has two retrogrades in 2018: It will still be in an Aries retrograde that began Aug. 2017 when the year starts, though it will go out of retrograde on Jan. 2. Then, it will go back into retrograde in Taurus and Aries on Aug. 7 until Jan. 6 in 2019. Keep away from the people who you're easily influenced by during this time.

Neptune: Jun. 18-Nov. 24

Neptune goes into retrograde in Pisces on Jun. 18 and ends on Nov. 24. Tap into your creativity during this time. You'll be extra sensitive and open to new pathways, so you might create something you're really proud of.

Pluto: Apr. 22-Sept. 30

Pluto goes into one retrograde in Capricorn starting on Apr. 22 and ending on Sept. 30. This retrograde will force you to look at yourself and the things in your life that you don't like to think about much. Don't shy away from it — lean into it and clean all the skeletons out of your closet. It's healthy.