When Is New Kylie Shop Merch Coming Out? This Tweet Could Be A Clue

This past year was a big one for Kylie Jenner. She turned her beauty brand into an empire, launched her own fashion brand with her sister, and even created her own merch line. She's not slowing down any time soon either. The social media star has big plans for 2017, and she just dropped some clues about them. If you're wondering when new Kylie Shop merch is coming, let's just say that you might be pleasantly surprise.

When Jenner first launched The Kylie Shop, people didn't know what to think. It was unclear whether it was a permanent line or if the first restock would be the last. Thankfully, that's all been cleared up with some of her latest Twitter replies. There's already been a Kylie Shop restock, but, according to her tweets, Jenner will be creating new items for the Kylie Shop as well.

That's not all though. Apparently the new items will be coming soon. The 19-year-old replied to a fan asking about new merch on Twitter by saying that new items would be coming "very very soon." When a different fan asked if Jenner would create Valentine's Day merch, she replied back with the side face emoji. Judging by her other social media clues, this could very well mean that V-Day items are on their way, although she hasn't officially announced anything yet.

She doesn't respond back to people on social media for no reason, that's for sure. Jenner knows everything she does online will be heavily analyzed by her fanbase.

That's two "very"s!

While these might look like regular old tweets, they could very well be launch details. Jenner is the queen of social media clues, so these should probably be taken seriously.

As far as the merch goes, there's no telling what she could create this time. She already has bomber jackets, shirts, and even underwear with her face all over them. There's no telling what she could plaster her name on this time. It could be an entire line of lingerie for V-Day or something completely different than anything she's put out before. You just never know.

I guess fans will just have to wait and see. It's only a matter of time before she starts leaking even more social media clues. Especially since the new merch seems to be coming super soon. Whatever it is, you already know people are going to love it.