'Queer Eye’s Back For Season 4 & It Looks Iconic As Ever

by Sophie McEvoy

It probably feels like a lifetime ago, but it’s been three months since the fab five last graced Netflix. Well, prepare to get excited because the streaming giant has only gone and confirmed a fourth and fifth season. If the trailer is anything to go by, the team are totally back on form but when is Queer Eye season 4 out in the UK?

Get ready to clear your schedule, because it’ll be ready and waiting for you on Netflix on Friday, July 19. As Bustle previously reported, Kansas City will be the primary destination for the team this time around, and according to Bobby Bank, Japan will also feature in this series. “The first episode you guys see might be my favourite episode we’ve ever done,” he told Digital Spy at the BAFTA TV Awards.

“Two best friends of decades hugged each other for the first time, because we hugged. They started crying and going, ‘Why haven’t we hugged each other our whole lives? This feels so good! In the Japanese culture, they don’t hug much, and we went around showing people how great it is to hug. In the next year, everyone in Japan is going to be hugging!”

In terms of the fifth season, which will air in 2020, Philadelphia will get the spotlight. While not much is known about the fifth season yet, there’s plenty to dissect before the next instalment of the ‘make better’ series returns.

Netflix broke the fantastic news with a trailer, which gives viewers a glimpse of the lives that will be changed throughout each episode. One, in particular, stands out due to a personal connection with one of the five, and that’s Jonathan Van Ness’ former orchestra teacher Kathi Dooley, who clearly had a significant impact on his life as a teen. “You’ve literally saved people’s lives, mine included,” Van Ness can be heard telling Dooley in the trailer. This is going to be another beautifully emotional ride, that’s for sure.

Bank also explained how the fab five had no idea how popular the show would become. “We all thought this would be something fun we would do for a few months and then go back to our regular lives,” he said.

“[Transforming people’s lives] makes me feel amazing. A lot of our heroes I still keep in touch with all the time and we continue to help them grow and they help us grow. To be able to be on a show that has had popular success and really does truly help people, makes it even better.”

If you’ve never watched Queer Eye before, now is the perfect time to do it. Right now, you’ve got 10 days to watch the first three seasons and the 2018 special, which is plenty of time as there are only eight episodes per season. So “[t]ry not to cry, try not to lose it” as Van Ness poignantly says in the trailer, because the premiere date is genuinely not that far away.

Cannot wait.