'Jack Ryan' Season 2 Is Already In The Works — Here's When To Expect It To Hit Amazon

Amazon Studios

One of the most highly anticipated new series of the summer, Amazon Prime's Jack Ryan, is nearly here. The action-packed series starring John Krasinski is set to premiere on Amazon Prime on Friday, Aug. 31. The series has created quite a buzz, enough so that Amazon Studios has already renewed Jack Ryan for a second season, according to Deadline. Fans of the series, and of the original novels by Tom Clancy, are probably dying to know when Season Two of Jack Ryan will premiere.

An exact premiere date hasn't yet been set for the action series to return, but according to the AP, filming for the second season has already begun, which is a good indication that there will be a relatively quick turnaround between seasons. Amazon will have to work hard to keep up with the demand for the show, because according to Den of Geek, the ads for Jack Ryan that ran during the 2018 Super Bowl led to a 400 percent increase in their Prime members — no, that's not a joke. That concrete proof of audience excitement led Amazon to renew Jack Ryan for a second season ages before the first one even premiered. As a statement from Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke, reported by Den of Geek, explains:

With so much early anticipation for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan from our customers and personally having the pleasure to preview the exhilarating, action-packed first season, we are excited to greenlight a second season of the series months ahead of its debut. The new season will take our unexpected hero to a new, exciting and dangerous world.
Amazon Studios

While the first season of Jack Ryan will tell the story of the CIA agent's first days with the organization, tackling terrorism in the Middle East, per SFGate, the second season will focus on political instability South America, according to Deadline. It has also been announced that new cast members will be joining the Jack Ryan team, including Michael Kelly, who will play seasoned CIA agent Mike November, and Noomi Rapace, who will feature as German Intelligence agent Harriett Baumann, among other new additions, per Den of Geek.

Remaining in the cast for the second season is, obviously, the titular character Jack Ryan. Actor John Krasinski's transition from gangly sitcom comedian to full-blown action star was quick and took the internet by storm, catching the eye of the Jack Ryan showrunners. “From day one we only had one actor on our casting board for this series – John Krasinski,” said Amy Powell, President of Paramount Television, according to Deadline. “We are so excited that he is our Jack Ryan and we get to make another season with this incredibly talented team. We have been blown away by what our whole team has delivered for season one and we can’t wait for everyone to see it this summer.”

Krasinski echoed Powell's excitement in an interview with SFGate. "It may sound hokey, but I think that Jack Ryan was always one of those characters that you actually thought you could be one day. You can't grow up to be Superman or Spider-Man," he told the publication.

Luckily for Krasinski, it seems like he will get to play the heroic character of his dreams for a while longer, because if the show was renewed before it even premiered, it likely has many seasons still to go. Jack Ryan might not be Superman, but he's close enough.