Colton's Live 'Bachelor' Finale Might *Actually* Be The Most Dramatic Ever — Seriously

Paula Lobo/ABC

There are only two weeks of Bachelor episodes left, but those weeks are jam-packed with content. There are four episodes playing out over the next eight days, and it's all about to go down. But when is the final rose ceremony on Colton's Bachelor season? That's what we're really all here to see, right? (Aside from the fence jump, of course.)

The schedule for the next four episodes is as follows: Monday, March 4 is the overnight or "fantasy suite" dates. The press release synopsis for the episode says these take place in Portugal. While most fans presumed that big question this season was whether or not Colton loses his virginity, it's actually morphed into what makes Colton jump the fence in the teaser ABC keeps showing. Happily, we have arrived at the fence jump, as Colton previously teased to The Hollywood Reporter that it happens during the fantasy suites. From the episode synopsis, it also appears that there will be some major drama with Cassie. Here's what it says:

"Cassie is still apprehensive about taking the next step with Colton, and he reveals to her the unsettling conversation he had with her father during their hometown date. Then all hell breaks loose when their date is interrupted by a bombshell surprise no one saw coming. How will it affect the couple?"

The bombshell might be the fact that Cassie's father shows up unexpectedly, according to a preview from the episode.

Then, fans will be left on a bit of a cliffhanger with the Cassie and fence drama, because Tuesday, March 5 is the Women Tell All. The synopsis for that episode says that Colton will have to face 20 of his castoffs, and there will be plenty of drama to go around. For example, the synopsis teases that "dramatic feuds are revived between Oneyka and Nicole, Demi and Courtney, and Katie and Caelynn." Also, there will be bloopers — so get excited.

And that brings us to the final week. The last two episodes are being split into the finale — airing on Monday, March 11 — and the After The Final Rose episode, which airs Tuesday, March 12. Usually, the ATFR special airs directly after the final rose ceremony, but the show has changed it up recently... when there's a lot of drama to explore.

For example, Arie's season also had a two-night finale, and that's because it had a lot to go over. The first night showed the lead up to the final rose ceremony, him breaking up with Lauren, and then him proposing to Becca. It then showed his breakup with Becca post-show. The second night updated fans on where everyone was now. Then Becca became the next Bachelorette and Arie proposed to Lauren.

If Colton's two-night episode plays out similarly, we can expect the final rose ceremony to air March 11, and it will feature him choosing his winner. Then, night two will air March 12 and will feature an update on where he and his winner are today, an update on the runner ups, and the Bachelorette announcement.

Told you it's a jam-packed two weeks. And host Chris Harrison teased on Twitter that the two-night live finale is something fans "can't and won't want to miss." Harrison may play fast and loose with what's "the most dramatic," but if it warrants a two-night finale — it just might be.