The First Day Of Fall Isn’t As Far Away As The Hot Weather Makes It Seem

Dan Istitene/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It might still be July, technically the middle of the summer, but we can't help but wonder: when is the first day of fall? Sure, beach days are magical, extra sunshine is making us feel extra happy, and the overall feeling of relaxation is quite lovely, but honestly.... when it comes to seasons, autumn always reigns supreme. And not that we want to rush through the present, or anything like that, but... well, we kind of do. Fall just seems so far away!

Even though it feels like summer has gone by so quickly (how is it already almost August?!), we still have a while before we're blessed by the first official day of autumn. There are still about two full months left before the first day of fall. Don't despair, though: leaves begin to get colorful and crunchy way before that, Starbucks starts selling pumpkin spice lattes on September 1st, and everyone knows that Halloween has now become a two-month celebration (well, practically).

Like every other year, the first day of fall happens on the Autumnal equinox. While it doesn't happen on the same exact date every single year, it happens around the same date each year. For 2018, the first day of fall is September 22, which is a Saturday. Let us all take a second to appreciate the possibilities that come with celebrating the first day of fall on a weekend. There are so many activities!

The Autumnal equinox, also known as the September equinox, is the astronomical beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. The Old Farmer's Almanac says that, "during the equinox, the sun crosses what we call the 'celestial equator' (just imagine the line that marks the equator on Earth extending up into the sky) from north to south." During the equinox, the Earth's hemispheres are receiving the sun's rays equally. This means that the amount of daytime and nighttime are about equal to each other.

The Old Farmer's Almanac says that another way to define fall is when the temperatures during the night hit below-freezing, while the temperatures during the day are below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the first day of fall occurs, the weather should become progressively colder each and every day. We say should, of course, because you never know what could happen with the weather in the world we live in today. Heat waves after fall officially begins are not uncommon, although they are unwelcome!

Even though the first day of autumn is still about two months away, that doesn't mean you can't start counting down now! Of course, you should enjoy the season you're in right now; just think about how you prayed for sunshine and warmth during the freezing cold winter months. Still, it's hard to deny that fall isn't a welcome change after the summer. While you're struggling through a heat wave or trying to peel off your sunburn, stay calm and happy by imagining all of the pumpkins, the apples, and the fall activities that are yet to come. Forget Christmas - autumn is the best time of the year.